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Secret Unleashed: An improvement over the previous book

Secret UnleashedGrave Secret (Secret McQueen #6) by Sierra Dean
My rating: 6 out of 10 stars

After her last mission tested the limits of her humanity and took her out of this world, Secret’s friends, determined to keep her safe from her old nemesis Alexandre Peyton, keep ushering her from one babysitter to the next.

Couch surfing would be a lot more fun if Alexandre would let up on her long enough to allow her to get in some alone time with her lovers. Including Holden, her self-appointed shadow.

As if living out of coffin isn’t bad enough, Secret literally brings down the house while hunting a rogue, causing the council to exile her from New York—for her own safety, of course.

With her list of people to trust getting shorter and shorter, Secret ends up embroiled in a mystery to find a vampire warden gone AWOL and a missing artifact. Things go from bad to worse when she falls into the hands of a man who will prove that humans can be the worst monsters of them all.

This book is a definite improvement over the last book. Now that is not much of an achievement though given that the previous book was rather bad in my opinion. I would say that this book puts the series back into the acceptable range but not really much more.

The book starts off rather well. Secret goes on a mission as tribunal member and representative of Sig. She is pretty much back to being her good old bad-ass Secret and the interactions between Secret and various other characters are quite enjoyable reading, especially with Holden and Ingrid. I actually like Holden more and more.

Unfortunately Secret is still rather focused on her love life which continues to drag down things a bit since it often becomes silly and more like an obsession. Even in serious situations it is enough for some nice looking male, or god forbid one of Secret’s lovers, to walk past and her mind wanders away.

At least it is not so dominant in this book as in the previous and the book has a story which is reasonably consistent, does not involve Secret’s lovers, and is actually not too bad. I have to say that the turn of events in the middle of things did surprise me. I am not sure if I really liked the way the plot twisted, I would have preferred some ancient mystical horror to turn up, but it was a rather refreshing twist nonetheless. Whether I like (will like) it or not actually depends a bit on where the author goes with the resulting new situation in future books. One thing that I liked was that Secret finally got to use her werewolf abilities even though it was only briefly.

On the whole the book was much better that the previous one which, as I wrote above, puts the series back into the acceptable range. After the previous book I was not sure that I wanted to continue the series or not but now I think Secret have earned herself one more chance from me.

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