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DVD Profiler = Abandonware?

DVD ProfilerI have been using Invelos DVD Profiler together with Collectorz Movie Collector for quite a while to manage my movie collection which now stands at around 930+ titles on Blu-ray and DVD. DVD Profiler was actually the first software I used since it appeared to be the best one around with a detailed and accurate community feed on-line database of discs. All you needed was the EAN number and up popped the movie with the exact details not only for the movie itself but also things like disc sound quality etc…

The only drawback was that it had a lousy web-publication feature. So I started to use the Collectorz product as well just for the web publishing features. Now I am using not only their Movie Collector but their Music Collector, Book Collector and Comic Collector applications as well. All the time I kept on using DVD profiler though mostly because its database was a lot better.

However, it really looks like DVD Profiler is falling into the category of abandonware. Neither the site nor the software have been updated in years. If you go to the site the first page shows featured layouts and featured reports from 2008 which I would say is a bit embarrassing. Needless to say there are no Windows 8 or Windows Phone apps available. There’s not even and Android app available.

I have continued to use it so far because the Windows 7 application was really good but lately it has been more and more frequent that new discs have not been available or available very late in the DVD Profiler database. I suspect that the community is finally also abandoning the software due to the lack of active support and development. So, I am sorry to say, as from a couple of days I have stopped updating my database on DVD Profiler. I kept a copy but I uninstalled the application and will use Collectorz Movie Collector only from now on.

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