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TV Closet: A simple Trakt.TV client that works

TV Closet My LibraryAs the site header states this site is dedicated to my interests, namely books, movies and computer stuff. As you might have noticed most of the site is about books, some of it about movies and not so much is actually about computers. Well I read more books and watch more movies than I buy new computer gadgets so I guess the ratio pretty much reflects my personal life in these areas.

Anyway, this is one of my (rare) posts where I delve into the realm of computing or more specifically in this case into Windows 8 apps for tracking your TV-shows. A while ago I wrote a post hoping that someone would write a decent TV-show tracker with Trakt.TV sync for Windows 8. I had tried quite a few but none of them were really any good. A few looked good and seemed promising but the flaws where just too many.

I stayed a while with Watchlist but it was just too buggy and every so often it decided that it needed to resync all the info which took forever. Then I went with Primetime TV for a while which generally worked but it was rather slow, sometimes forgot my shows and a bit cluttered with gunk I did not need.

So when TV Closet came out recently I had a quick look. Actually I was rather hopeful since I have been using Film Closet for quite a while to track my Movies on TMDb and, as the name implies, this app is written by the same developer.

TV ClosetIt turned out that TV Closet is a fairly good Trakt client. It is not perfect for sure but unlike the other ones it seems to work as advertised without any funny behaviours and it is fairly fast. In short it is a simple app that simply does its job. It keeps track of your library, it shows the necessary information for each show and each episode and it is easy and logical to use.

There are a few things that you would want of course. The app tracks your library but it has no concept of separating the shows you actually follow at the time from those that are already completed. I would also like to get rid of the useless “splash image” showing some featured show on the home page of the app. On a smaller tablet this is about all you see when starting the app. In the Film Closet app this feature can be turned off.

I also really would like to be able to turn off the sections that shows upcoming episodes. Unless you live in the US those sections are totally useless. Unfortunately this is an issue with all the apps out there.

Apart from that it is a good app. Not overly complicated, not too many features but does what it should do and does it reasonably quick. From now on this the app I am using as my Windows 8 Trakt client.


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