The Scoundrel Worlds: More “A-team in space” adventures. Quite fun reading.

The Scoundrel WorldsThe Scoundrel Worlds (Star Risk #2) by Chris Bunch
My rating: 7 out of 10 stars

Skyball – popular, challenging, violent . . . and the greatest sport in the universe. Two opposing worlds are neck and neck in the championships, and lately the game’s been a killer. It s up to the mercenaries of Star Risk, Ltd., to keep the two sides galaxy-friendly.

The Star Risk team put their lives on the line again . . . for the money, of course. If they don t get killed themselves.

This book presents us with some more “A-team in space” adventures. The reference to A-team is of course a rather loose one. Star Risk is more violent (people get killed), less benevolent and not really on the run from some crime that they were set up to take the fall for. They are however a likable bunch of scoundrels working to resolve the tasks they were hired for in various imaginative ways.

I do not know why the text in the book blurb was chosen for this book. It is like whoever wrote it never read the book but just opened a few random pages and then put together some text. Yes there is a very short part in the beginning of the book about Skyball but that part is but a fraction of the book. The main story is a quite different one and much more interesting. In the main story we get to follow Star Risk when they free a falsely (maybe) accused person from death row and prevents a war between two systems at the same time.

I generally liked this book more than the first one in the series. Star Risk is less amateurish in their work, the humor is better and in general the author seems to be more confident in his writing. The conversation between the members, I especially like Grok, are sometimes quite funny and the action is not bad.

The story itself is fairly light but okay. It ties the various action sequences together in a reasonable manner and is not too full of holes and unbelievable elements. On the whole it was an enjoyable book to read. After the first book I decided that I was going to read one more book in the series but I was not sure whether I was going to read the entire series. After this book I think I will probably continue to read all the books in the series.

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