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Star Vigilante. I quite liked this book.

Star VigilanteStar Vigilante (Vigilante Series #1) by T. Jackson King
My rating: 7 out of 10 stars

Matt Dragoneaux is an interstellar hired gun who follows the Code of the Vigilante: track ‘em, strike ‘em, and be elsewhere when the Anarchate battleglobe shows up. And with the aid of the self-aware starship Mata Hari, he’s been successful in bringing a small bit of justice to the alien star culture of the Anarchate. But then a crossbreed woman hires him to right a wrong being done to her planet by an alien commercial conglomerate that rules whole

I quite liked this book. It was not really what I was expecting. I was expecting some rather simple gung-ho human space cowboy story. What I got was a high-octane bio-techno story. Sure the vigilante is rather gung-ho but not really the reckless cowboy I was expecting.

The story is really an introduction to a series and in the end what starts off as the main story is really just a vehicle for getting to the main story arc. The starter story itself was not bad and the main story arc seems quite interesting.

The book is quite heavy on techno-jargon although it is more towards nano- and bioengineering than hard “space science”. I did like the character of the vigilante and his high-tech “walking tank” suit. In general I found the characters interesting and the well enough written.

The ending of the book, although there was a bit of a twist to it, was rather predictable, but it was nevertheless an ending to my liking. It certainly looks like there might be some big time space opera including some worthwhile battles played out in the future of this book series.

I am definitely looking forward to read the  next installment in the series.

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