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The Hunt. A Natural Born Killers wannabe. Not really a vampire story.

The HuntThe Hunt by David Sherman
My rating: 2 out of 10 stars

Vampires are real. They go out during the day. They can eat garlic. Crucifixes don’t scare them. They aren’t Bela Lugosi. Rocks is a vampire hunter. Rocks is the best at what he does. Rocks is a vampire. Five people are accidentally turned into vampires and go on a crosscountry rampage. Rocks is dispatched to bring them in–or take them down–in this very non-traditional vampire novel.

I have read David Sherman’s StarFist series and I quite liked the books in that series. Not all but quite a few of them. So when I stumbled over this one by the same author I thought, why not. The blurb states that this is a “very non-traditional vampire” novel and that it is indeed. Unfortunately, to me it is not a vampire novel at all. This is just another crazies goes on killing spree type of stories. A kind of Natural Born Killers wannabe.

Yes the characters in this book does have to drink blood, they are a bit stronger than ordinary humans and they do live a bit longer. But that is it. They are only a bit stronger, they only live a bit longer and they really do not have any of the attributes that we normally consider to be connected to vampires. There is none of the mystery and the “cool” that I associate with vampires. I know that the blurb stated that these vampires can go out during the day, eat garlic and so on. However, these “vampires” are so far off from what I was expecting that, to me, they are not really vampires. Vampires are mythological figures for which you have certain expectations and none of those are really fulfilled by this book.

It could still have been a read worthy book but I am afraid that I failed to be taken in by the story itself as well. It is really just a fairly unintelligent mad killing spree with sexual overtones and quite a few flashbacks. Rocks was initially built up as an interesting character but just before he could assert himself he is turned into some fumbler carrying a lot of psychological baggage from the past.

Then we have the end. Well, it sure as hell put an end to the story. Needless to say it is not a happy ending. It is also an unnecessary ending that felt to me that it was just put in as a cheap way to create some drama at the end.

First book I have read since 2012 that I have put on my “rubbish” shelf I am afraid.

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