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Grave Secret. This series is going downhill quickly.

Grave SecretGrave Secret (Secret McQueen, #5) by Sierra Dean
My rating: 4 out of 10 stars

Sometimes a secret goes to the grave. Sometimes Secret puts you there.

It’s been a hell of a year for Secret McQueen, and the last thing in the world she wants is to get caught up in werewolf drama. But when her former fiancé Lucas Rain shows up asking for her help, she knows there’s no easy way out.

After making it known she wants nothing to do with him, Secret agrees to help find Lucas’s wayward sister Kellen. After all, how much trouble could one socialite get into in the city that never sleeps?

Unless that socialite has been spirited away by fairies.

Trying to track down a missing girl in an alternate reality is just the start of Secret’s problems, though. Someone appears to be killing teenagers, and the MO looks eerily similar to something for which the half-fairy oracle, Calliope, might be responsible. Throw in a rogue wolf pack claiming allegiance to Secret’s mother, Mercy, and she’ll have miles to go before she rests.

I thought this book series started out rather promising with a bad-ass heroin, some interesting characters and a good bit of bad-guy-clobbering. Unfortunately it is going downhill quickly.

The once bad-ass heroin spends more time moaning about her misfortunes in life or jumping into bed with various men in her surrounding than actually being a bad-ass. A lot of the time she seems to have parked whatever brain she once had somewhere in her bedroom as well.

The plot in the instalment is rather whimsical and nonsensical. Instead of a plot with a real threat and a real villain everything seems to be put together just to find excuses for Secret’s bedtime adventures which this time is bordering on porn rather than urban fantasy.

I was hoping that, once we got that silly wedding and Lucas out of the way, we would get back into some real action that did not revolve around Secret’s love life. I also hoped that we would get around to delving further into developing Secret’s combined werewolfe and vampire powers.

Unfortunately we got nothing of the kind. If anything this book is even worse than the previous one. When Secret is not playing around in bed she lets her be tricked in a way that is so obvious for anyone with two brain cells that it made me squirm when reading it.

I have to say that I giving this series quite some second thoughts. I will probably give it one more chance but that is it.

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