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Galactic Empire Wars: Destruction. Great apocalyptic first contact story

Galactive Empire Wars - DestructionGalactic Empire Wars: Destruction by Raymond L. Weil
My rating: 9 out of 10 stars

To the Kleese, the Earth is nothing more than a planet full of conscripts to fight in their numerous wars of aggression. The Kleese are one of three large Galactic Empires that control the majority of the galaxy. To them, Earth is an extremely dangerous planet due to the aggressiveness of the humanoid species that inhabits it. The humans that inhabit Earth will make excellent conscripts, but something must be done to prevent them from expanding out into the galaxy. To the Kleese the solution is simple, take the conscripts they need and then destroy the planet.

Mason Randle controls the Smithfield Mining Corporation. His main headquarters is inside the asteroid Vesta. The Kleese know nothing about what resides inside of the asteroid and the role it will play in saving the human race.

Lieutenant Wade Nelson is a marine taken as a conscript by the Kleese. His primary goal is to find a way back to Earth. In the meantime, he will fight in the wars the Kleese are involved in until he knows enough to take the fight to the Kleese themselves. He will bid his time in the hope that someday he will find a way back home for himself and his marines.

Raymond L. Weil is another one of my favorite authors. This is the first book in what appears to be a new series from Mr Weil. I would say that this book is indeed my cup of tea. It pretty much starts of with a bang. Actually the start is almost a wee bit to apocalyptic, even depressing, but the rest of the book makes up for it.

For most of the book we get to follow two groups of humans. The survivors back in the solar system trying to make sure that the human race does not become extinct and the abducted humans that are forced to fight for the aliens and that are trying to get back home.

This is good science fiction. The science is quite well done. Sure, there have to be some fictional parts as well of course but on the whole it is quite well done and reasonably believable. The characters are enjoyable to follow and the story as a whole have a good pace and is generally fun to read.

The book have some similarities to The Human Chronicles series although take that very lightly. This book is much more realistic, do not focus so much on a single person and the humans are not the supermen that they are portrayed to be in The Human Chronicles books.

I am trying not to put too much spoilers in this review but the humans do gain some non-human friends who will play an important role in helping the humans explain to the Kleese that they might actually have made a mistake of rather epic proportions.

I really hope that there will be a second book in this series. The stage is indeed well set for one.

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