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Star Rover: Chosen to Die – More of the same from Saxon Andrews

Star Rover - Chosen to DieStar Rover – Chosen to Die (Lens of Time, #7) by Saxon Andrew
My rating: 7 out of 10 stars

The war with the Servants ended eighteen years ago and the Union has, on the surface, been at peace. The probes sent to spy on the Union by the Blue Ships have not seen anything that would represent an issue for them. However, they’ve decided that it is unacceptable for another advanced civilization to know where they live. A new wave of probes in launched to set up the coming invasion to destroy the civilized planets in the Milky Way.

There are two things the invaders don’t know. The Union knew about their probes the moment they arrived seventeen years earlier and has been preparing for the eventuality of an attack. What neither of them know is that the Invaders also have invisible probes in their own galaxy planning for an invasion by a massive force that has chosen them as its next conquest. Things get out our hand quickly and it becomes difficult to determine who the real enemy is and who is chosen to die.

This is the 27th book by Saxon Andrew that I have read. If this one would have been among the first ten or so I would probably have rated it higher but I cannot help feeling a certain “fatigue” over the fact that, after a while, the books in every new book series that Saxon Andrew launches starts to feel pretty much the same. After a while they grow to universe wide space operas where star systems and even galaxies are destroyed at the snap of ones fingers and the only distinction between who is doing what is what color the ships have.

This is still a quite good young adult book but the author seems to be a bit locked into the same formula. I agree that you should not change a winning formula but after 27 books one could debate whether it is a winning one any more. As you can see I am getting a bit doubtful at least.

Anyway, Star Rover – Chosen to Die, is the final chapter in the Lens of Time series. It builds up to a good climax and a good end to the series. As usual the book is a lot of heroes in shining armor (well not literally but…) against the bad guys. As usual not all the bad guys end up being the bad guys in the end. Not surprisingly the book is very much young adult in its style and thus the story, the characters etc. are quite simple.

The book builds up to what I would have considered a somewhat tragic but quite adequate ending. I was therefore rather surprised when it continued for several chapters and, in the end, ended rather differently. During these last chapters the author tied back to events and characters of the earlier books. I cannot really write in much detail about what happened without really spoiling the ending although I can say that the author used a rather simple trick, one that I normally would not really be too thrilled about, which turned out to work rather well in this particular book.

Bottom line is that it was an enjoyable read but, due to the repetitiveness of his books, I think that I have had my quota of Saxon Andrew filled for a while.

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