I’m ditching Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten TomatoesBe warned, this is one of my ranting posts.

Ever since I started to actually record movie titles that I have seen and/or own, make reviews and in general have activities on-line I have been using Rotten Tomatoes together with IMDb when it came to movies. As you can see from the title of this post I have decided to ditch Rotten Tomatoes.

Originally I felt Rotten Tomatoes was a good complement to IMDb, their site felt a bit more modern than IMDb and their Facebook integration was (and is) quite a bit better.

However, I have a big gripe with their rating system and lately I have found myself disagreeing with RT’s (official) ratings more often than not. Now, I do of course not expect the ratings of a movie to be exactly to my liking all the time for a site to be good but the way the ratings are made, and propagated to various apps, on RT is really getting me frustrated. Also it has to be said that most other movie rating sites do indeed have ratings that are in line with my own a lot more often than RT.

Okay, so what is really my gripe with their rating system? Well, I have to main issues.

First of all, unlike IMDb, TMDb and a bunch of other sites, RT is basing their official ratings on the ratings of a selected set of “professional” critics. The rating of the actual viewers never really counts in the official rating from RT. You can see them but they do not count. Of course it is RT themselves that picks these critics. More often than not I not only disagree with the ratings of these critics but I consider them as downright bullshit. A lot of these people are paid to write their stuff and some of them seems to just blurt out something so that they can go home at 5’o clock. Sometimes I wonder if they have even watched the movie.

Second, if less than 60% of these critics give the movie a favorable rating then RT calls the movie rotten. What the f… is that? If 59%, that is a majority, considers the movie good then RT calls it rotten. Rotten is a pretty strong word after all. Worse, this is the official rating that is then picked up by a lot of other sites as well as apps on phones and tablets. So if you do not know the details of the RT rating system you are falsely led to believe that a film is downright lousy when in fact a good majority have felt that it was a good one. I have uninstalled more than one app from my tablet that splatters RT’s green rotten icon all over the place.

In the end I asked myself, why should I continue to use and support a site which I not only disagree with on a regular basis but also feel are spreading blatantly false information compared to the actual figures? Consequently I am ditching RT as a source of information and I wont make any more ratings or reviews on their site. I am sure that will not even make a ripple in their sea of tomato juice but I care about that just as little as they probably care about me.

So, what will I use instead then? Well, I have always used IMDb and I will continue to do so. The drawback with IMDb is that there’s really no good apps for it on Windows 8 or Windows Phone, at least not if you want to manage your watch lists etc. I have been using TMDb in parallel for quite a while and for this site there are quite okay third-party apps that does allow you to manage your lists as well. Currently I am using Film Closet which exists both for Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

Okay, that was a rather long rant so I guess I better stop now.


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