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Attack the Block – If this would have been a SyFy original it would have been quite good…but it isn’t

Attack the BlockAttack the Block by Joe Cornish on France 4 (CanalSat)
My rating: 4 out of 10

Attack the Block follows an unlucky young woman and a gang of tough inner-city kids who make an unlikely alliance to try to defend their turf against an invasion of savage alien creatures, turning a South London apartment complex into a war-zone.

When this one came out I first thought it sounded like it could be a cool movie. Then I read a few reviews, filtered out the overhyped ones, and decided that I might not like it after all so I decided not to invest any money in it. When it was shown yesterday on France 4 I thought I should have a go and see it now when it was on anyway.

I quite frankly cannot understand all the hype and what appears to be some cult status surrounding this movie. To me it was a pretty bad movie. My main gripe with the movie is that the main characters are not very likable. Not only are they stupid and unintelligent but they are criminal, juvenile thugs. Some talk about social messages in this movie. Well I do not need any message to tell me that street thugs are stupid assholes thank you.

The monsters are pretty much guys running around in gorilla suits with extra long hair and glowing teeth. Not very exiting even though the glowing teeth effects is somewhat cool.

To me this is just another run of the mill group-of-kids-meets-monster movie with uncharismatic and unpleasant characters, meh plot and fairly substandard special effects. As I wrote above, if this would have been a SyFy original I would probably have considered it as fairly okay for being a SyFy movie…but it is not.

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