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The Io Effect – Enjoyable companion novel to the Exodus series

The Io EffectThe Io Effect by Robert Stadnik
My rating: 7 out of 10 stars

In the 22nd century a group of rebels stole the experimental starship Phoenix and freed the human race from the oppressive Screen alien race. Herald as heroes and uniting several species into an alliance, humanity could finally explore the stars.

It’s the 23rd century. A hundred years have passed and humanity and the alliance have expanded their influence. The TFS Phoenix continues to operate as TERRA’s flagship and explore deep space. But a new ominous threat appears just as the Phoenix returns home. With the alliance threatened with destruction, hope lies with an inexperienced officer who’s part of a remarkable legacy that’s been kept hidden from her. Can Amie Bowman accept her past and use it to fulfill her destiny?

This book presents itself as a “companion novel” to the Exodus series rather than the 5th installment in that series. I was wondering a bit why but after having read it I think it was the right thing to do. Although being set in the same universe as the Exodus series as well as involving the Phoenix, although a 100 years later, it is a somewhat different story and a different book from the original Exodus series.

I have to say that, although I enjoyed the book, I did enjoy the books in the original Exodus series better. The original series was a great adventure with the Phoenix going out into the unknown. This book is indeed a nice story but it is a different type of story as far as I am concerned.

It is different to write much about this book without giving away a lot of spoilers. As the blurb states, it focuses mainly on Amie Bowman and her efforts to avoid the new “ominous threat”. Actually, I will spoil things a little bit by stating that it is actually not a really new threat but you will have to read the book to understand what I mean.

Amie also have to come to grips with the somewhat different way that the Phoenix is run compared to ordinary military ships. Something that goes against all her training and very nature.

As I wrote already, the story is a good one although it is less of an adventure that the original series was. It also have a component of infiltration and sneaking around that I am not so found of. It leads up to a grand finale with a few surprises and generally I think it was well done. I do not like the road Amie took at the very end, more or less in the aftertexts, though. She had just got going with commanding the phoenix and then…well again, you have to read the book.

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