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Ender’s Game – A bit disappointing actually

Ender's GameEnder’s Game by Gavin Hood on Blu-ray
My rating: 5 out of 10 stars

The Earth was ravaged by the Formics, an alien race seemingly determined to destroy humanity. Seventy years later, the people of Earth remain banded together to prevent their own annihilation from this technologically superior alien species. Ender Wiggin, a quiet but brilliant boy, may become the savior of the human race. He is separated from his beloved sister and his terrifying brother and brought to battle school in orbit around earth. He will be tested and honed into an empathetic killer who begins to despise what he does as he learns to fight in hopes of saving Earth and his family.

First I have to mention that I have not read the book. It has been on my maybe-to-read list for quite a while but I have never gotten around to read it. Thus I cannot say how well the movie interprets the book but if the book is close to this movie I do not think I will bother reading the book.

The entire concept, kids being trained to do the job of experiences commanders, is of course a wee bit ludicrous from the start but the way the movie was implemented did not really help. This should be the school of kids that was picked because they were geniuses but the only one that displayed any intellect to speak about was Ender himself. Worse, the school was filled with bullies that really had no clue and which were not only screwing themselves due to their overinflated egos but was prepared to screw humanity by beating up on Ender when they themselves lost. That utter dickhead, Commander Bonzo, just made me want to wring his filthy little neck from the first scene when he made his appearance.

There were some cool scenery in the movie. That has to be said. The weightless combat was not too bad and the battle footage, both the “archive” footage and the battle scenes at the end were quite cool.

Speaking of the end. What the f…? These aliens had apparently come to Earth with the intent of conquering us. Wiping us out for all intents and purposes. I did not really see anything in the movie that said otherwise. However, once it is clear that we (Ender) repaid the favor a bit more successfully it is all boohoo, sob sob. Not only that but he runs outside, finds an egg and goes on some pilgrimage to repopulate a world with Formics. That was just ridiculous.

This movie was not what I hoped it would be. I was hoping for some real training at the battle school instead of this nonsensical game then followed by some heroics and suspense with the humans fighting off the big bad aliens. I fail to see what floating around weightlessly taking potshots at each other have to do with commanding carriers, battleships and fighter squadrons? Combine that with a silly ending that tries to make us fighting back be a fault and what could have been a good movie just turned into a disappointment as far as I am concerned.

1 comment on “Ender’s Game – A bit disappointing actually

  1. I felt the same about the film. I think the problem was that it didn’t know what it wanted to be; a children’s film, an action film, a serious adult film exploring the underlying themes from the book (which I’ve read and enjoyed). There were some good moments but overall the whole thing was just, okay.


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