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A Life Less Ordinary – Okay book but I liked the Author’s Bookworm series better

A Life Less OrdinaryA Life Less Ordinary by Christopher Nuttall
My rating: 6 out of 10 stars

There is magic in the world, hiding in plain sight. If you search for it, you will find it, or it will find you. Welcome to the magical world.
Having lived all her life in Edinburgh, the last thing 25-year old Dizzy expected was to see a man with a real (if tiny) dragon on his shoulder. Following him, she discovered that she had stumbled from her mundane world into a parallel magical world, an alternate reality where dragons flew through the sky and the Great Powers watched over the world. Convinced that she had nothing to lose, she became apprenticed to the man with the dragon. He turned out to be one of the most powerful magicians in all of reality.
But powerful dark forces had their eye on this young and inexperienced magician, intending to use her for the ultimate act of evil – the apocalyptic destruction of all reality. If Dizzy does not realise what is happening to her and the worlds around her, she won’t be able to stop their plan. A plan that will ravage both the magical and mundane worlds, consuming everything and everyone in fire.

This was an okay book. I enjoyed reading it. Having said that, I must also say that I have liked most of the works that I have read from this author so far better. In particular I cannot help comparing it to the Bookworm series since that is the most recent fantasy-related, although those books are more fantasy than urban-fantasy, work that I have read from Mr. Nuttal and I did indeed like Bookworm quite a bit more.

The story of the book had real promise. Someone discovers that there are things that go bump in the night and goes not only on an adventure but becomes a magical apprentice. The wow-monsters/aliens-are-real type of stories are high up on my list of favorite stories.

The author have managed to cram quite a few mythological characters and monsters into the book. Some of them have been given their own twist. Especially the elves are not exactly the noble and honourable people portrayed in Tolkien’s work.

The writing and the characterization is quite good. Based on the previous books from Mr. Nuttall that I have read I would not really have expected anything else. However, I found it difficult to get really taken in by the book. It kind of felt like it did not know what it wanted to do and I felt like I was on a rollercoaster of different events, some of them quite weird, just strung together.

There is a lot to like in this book but, as I wrote, I was never really captivated by it in the way I have been with the other works of the author. Still it is an enjoyable book worth reading.

3 comments on “A Life Less Ordinary – Okay book but I liked the Author’s Bookworm series better

  1. . In my defence, this book was written several years before Bookworm. Chris Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2014 07:09:39 +0000 To:


    • Yes that is a very valid point. I did get the impression that it was not written with as much confidence and experience as Bookworm. I should probably have mentioned that in the review.


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