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Ride of the Late Rain – Really only a teaser for Unproven Concept

Ride of the Late RainRide of the Late Rain (Vergassy Chronicles, #1) by James Young
My rating: 6 out of 10 stars

In the year 3050, the destroyer Shigure is chosen for a mission critical to mankind. With a new device of unprecedented capabilities, an untested crew and a bold captain, the “Late Rain” is more than she seems…but it remains to be seen if that is enough.

I’m not really sure what to say about this one. It is a short story and it is really more a teaser for An Unproven Concept: The Unfortunate Starwreck of the Spaceliner Titanic than a story in its own right.

I read it because it was said that it was the first book in the Vergassy Chronicles and I was interested in reading the above mentioned first full book in the series. Well, I will read An Unproven Concept, actually I have already started, but that is more because this teaser did not convince me that this would be a bad idea rather than convincing me it was good idea.

The short story is decent enough reading but I would have expected something like an introduction with some background or, like it is done in Slaver Wars, that the first short story is really the first part of the story arc. That is not the case with this teaser. This one is more like a movie trailer where you get some juicy scenes from all over the movie. The content of this book is not the beginning of the story but rather a piece in the middle of An Unproven Concept and, quite frankly, that annoys me a bit.

Anyway, it was decently written, the characters seemed well done, the action was not bad att all and, as I wrote, I have already started on the “second” book in the series. However, if you plan on reading An Unproven Concept then there is really little reason to pick up Ride of the Late Rain first.

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