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Probe Predators – The usual adventure, heroes, bad guys and romance from Saxon Andrew

Probe PredatorsProbe Predators (Star Chase, #4) by Saxon Andrew
My rating: 8 out of 10 stars

The Families were defeated two thousand years ago and the Union and the civilizations in M87 pledged to always come to each other’s defense. However, time erases the lessons of the past and M87 is now planning a sneak attack against the Union. They are mobilizing their fleets and they’ve managed to get the Union to agree to not enter their galaxy.

The Union has mothballed all of its warships and is left wide open to the coming attack. The accidental discovery of probes that were launched by the last Family’s warship two thousand years earlier leads Trip Montgomery into violating the newly imposed border around their former ally. He has to find the probes before they broadcast an ancient call for help. With M87 warships chasing him across their galaxy, Trip discovers that everyone in both galaxies was in harm’s way. The probes were calling a danger that made the Family’s attack look like a stroll in the park.

I think it is safe to write that Saxon Andrew sticks to his usual formula in this book as well. This means that this book a simple but enjoyable adventure story aimed for the young adult reader segment with heroes, bad guys, a bit of romance and plenty of action.

As usual the heroes are really heroes in shining armor, well possibly except some doubts about Drey but that is more smoke than any real fire, and the bad guys are either really bad or made to see the errors of their way rather rapidly.

The Union have, as too many politicians also in real life unfortunately tend to do in peacetime  when they want to use the money for short-sighted election related spending, let their defenses slip and effectively mothballed most of their navy. Of course this is rather early in the book proven to be a very unwise choice.

Unlike many of the authors previous books this one does not contain the ridiculously rapid scientifically advancement and just-in-time  discoveries of technologies but focuses more on tactical development and strategies.

Again, as is the habit of this author, the book focuses on a few heroic people who carries the story forward. These people are likable people and makes for fun reading although they are somewhat unrealistic and übermensch-like in their near infallibility, heroics and extreme moral high standing. But then, some of them are the result of genetic manipulation after all so… Anyway, it is still fun reading.

I actually did not jump on this book right away when it came out since Saxon Andrew’s book have felt a little been there, seen that, done that lately. However I have to say that I enjoyed this book. More than I expected to. Sure it is still clearly young adult reading but it is still fun to read these far out adventures with the unbelievable heroes, action and romance from time to time.

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