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SkyDrive becomes OneDrive – What a useless waste of money

SkyDrive becomes OneDriveA short while ago SkyDrive was renamed to OneDrive. Actually the name change is still ongoing since, although SkyDrive on my Lumia and on the web-interface have been renamed, the Windows 8 app and the entire Windows 8 SkyDrive integration still refers to the service as SkyDrive.

I have to say that, in my opinion, this was a totally needless waste of money. It must have cost a pretty sum to rename SkyDrive all over the place, change URLs, new commercial campaigns etc. etc. All of that are costs that are going to be paid by the consumers in one way or another. It is also a typical example of how much bloody copyright and trademark lawyers actually cost our society.

Now I can understand that the British Sky Broadcasting group wants to protect their brand name and if they hade done so in a decent and timely manner there would have been nothing to say about it. But SkyDrive had been around for quite a while before they started to make a fuss about it. They waited, deliberately or out of stupidity, until SkyDrive was something firmly established by Microsoft and in the minds of a lot of customers until they released their lawyers. If the courts would have done their bloody job their lawsuit should just have been thrown out. You should not be able to wait until you feel the time is right and you can maximize the damage before you contest a trademark. There should be a reasonable time limit after which you have forfeited your chance.

As it is now the consumers got screwed over again and the lawyers got another stack of ill deserved money in their wallets.

2 comments on “SkyDrive becomes OneDrive – What a useless waste of money

  1. I had so many issues with Onedrive/Skydrive that I would not recommend anybody to rely on it. My issues stemmed from the renaming of it from Skydrive to Onedrive too. When Microsoft issued the “Update” that integrated the cloud service more closely with the Operating system,in their infinite wisdom they FORGOT to relabel it properly in the update, (doh!), so it STILL appeared on the system as Skydrive, – At some point it stopped syncing for me, but I noticed it had created a new folder called “Onedrive” in my profile, The only problem is… that NEITHER folder would sync to the cloud.

    When a massive company like microsoft make such a schoolboy error as forgetting to rename a system folder then it kinda paints a picture of how crappy their coders are, I can`t put my faith in them at all now.

    I tried all sorts of googled “fixes”, none of which worked, entailing altering registry values, group policies , attributes, uninstalling, re-installing etc etc etc, but absolutely nothing worked. The “Onedrive troubleshooter” might as well have been playgirl of the months measurements for all the good THAT did, but then that`s what I`ve come to expect from ANY microsoft “troubleshooter”,( I can put my hand on my heart and swear that no troubleshooter routine from Microsoft has EVER worked or done the slightest bit of good for any issue actually). As the only solution I could pry from a microsoft employee was to “reinstall the operating system” I gave up.

    My final solution was simply to stop using it entirely, and to wipe it off my machine, I now use Dropbox, Google drive and Tonido.


  2. Yes, I agree that Microcrap is behaving both “amateurish” and arrogant towards their customers these days.

    I never had any problem due to the renaming though, even if my “OneDrive” folder on my hard drive is still named SkyDrive today. I have had other problems with the sync which is not really reliable. Unfortunately my experience with Google Drive is that it is at least as unreliable and it would be a lot more expensive to get the storage space I now have on OneDrive. Also, with Windows 10 it is not really possible to wipe it entirely from your system. To much stuff breaks if you try. You can of course ignore that it exists, except for the settings sync and other stuff that it insists on using, and use some other service for your own data.

    The troubleshooter is a joke indeed. It has never fixed anything for me either and the Microcrap support is downright laughable. At best you can hope for a pre-cooked copy-paste type of reply from some clueless “support engineer” probably sitting on some other continent with cheap labor.

    Unless Microcrap performs a shakeup of their management of their development as well as user relations and does so quickly they are going to drive away all of their long-time customers. I have used Windows since v1 and I have never been so disappointed in Microcrap as I am right now.


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