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The Seraphim Sequence – Good action-thriller…still not my cup of tea

The Seraphim SequenceThe Seraphim Sequence (Fifth Column, #2) by Nathan M. Farrugia
My rating: 6 out of 10 stars

The world is reeling in the aftermath of genocide.

Former black operative Sophia is among the remnants of the Akhana, a once-strong organized resistance against the all-powerful world government known as the Fifth Column. Branded as the world’s most wanted terrorist, Sophia barely escaped her last encounter with the organization with her life.

Now a new threat is emerging from inside the Fifth Column. Project Seraphim: a technology utilizing extremely low frequencies that can make anyone feel and do anything at any time. Mass populations will fall under the influence of an almost unlimited power.

To stop them Sophia must join forces with former friends turned enemies and former enemies turned unlikely allies first among them Denton, a master manipulator whom she would prefer to run her knife through than work with.

Sophia has four days. Four days before what little freedom the human race has left is gone forever.

The brutal game of betrayal and counter-betrayal that began with the international bestseller, The Chimera Vector, continues in this highly anticipated sequel.

When I had finished the first book in the series, The Chimera Vector, the conclusion was pretty much that it was a very good book but that it was not really my cup of tea. I did however find the book as such a very good and well written book. The fact that the first book is a debutant work was rather stunning given the quality of the work. Thus I was quite interested in seeing what happened to Sophia and how she and the author developed.

Thus here we are. I have now read the second book in the series, The Seraphim Sequence. On the whole I think the conclusions from the previous book are still fairly valid for this book. It is a very good action/techno-thriller but it is not really my cup of tea.

One thing I had hoped was that Sophia would now have the backing of a another secret organisation opposing the Fifth Column but this is never really the case. The beginning is especially disappointing in this sense. It gets a bit better but as in the previous book the plot twists and surprises are plentiful and Sophia and her friends are on a McGyver-diet when it comes to equipment a lot of the time.

Also similar to the previous book the Fifth Column are blamed for pretty much everything from the grasshoppers of Egypt to obesity. The conspiracy theories are multiplying like rabbits and halfway through the book I was starting to look around for a tinfoil hat to wear.

If you can live with the conspiracy theories, plotting and backstabbing the story is not really bad and it does indeed make a good job of holding everything together not to mention stringing together all the action, the latter which is as plentiful as the plot twists and conspiracies. Actually I think these books would make excellent action movies.

Anyway, bottom line is that if you like action and do not mind a lot of backstabbing and conspiracies within conspiracies this is a book for you. Myself I am not too much into that stuff and since this is my non-professional and personal review that is pretty much the only reason for my average rating of it.

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