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Retaliation – Great space adventure with lots of fleet action

The Slaver Wars - RetaliationRetaliation (The Slaver Wars, #3) by Raymond L. Weil
My rating: 9 out of 10 stars

Operation First Strike is coming to an end. It has succeeded in buying the Human Federation of Worlds valuable time to prepare for the coming invasion. Now Fleet Admiral Streth needs to get his remaining warships back home to aid in the defense of the human worlds. The AIs and the Hocklyns are determined to follow the admiral and annihilate every single human in the Federation. The humans are massively outnumbered, but they have a daring plan that just might save their worlds. However, the AIs have a plan of their own, one that if it succeeds will ensure the end of the human race.

This is the third book in The Slaver Wars series. I know that Amazon have labelled it book five but if one looks at the author’s site it is indeed the third one and the books preceding The Slaver Wars books are called The Moon Wreck series.

I really liked this book. It is quite my style of book with a reasonably simple adventure, likable heroes, minimal amount of politics and big and plentiful space battles. I have liked all of Raymond L. Weil’s work with the possible exception of Dragon Wars. His writing style is uncomplicated without venturing too far into young adult land and very enjoyable to read.

The Slaver Wars is a great adventure which really started in The Moon Wreck series. With this book we have ventured far from those humble beginnings and from being a simple little adventure of a man who discovers an alien (well not really alien actually) spaceship we are now in the midst of a Galaxy spanning space opera where humanity (and most other races as well although they do not realize it yet) are fighting for their survival.

A good chunk of the book are about preparations for the upcoming hostilities and another good chunk are when the fleets clash. In between there are some personal relations being taken care of. Mostly of the romantic nature. We also get quite a few glimpses of the other side or rather sides. As I wrote before it is enjoyable reading.

The ending was fun but not really very surprising. Well, a part of it was a wee bit of a surprise but not the general way it ended. I am actually happy that it was not too much of a surprise because throughout the book I was rather hoping that it would end up roughly like it did.

If I should nitpick about something it would be the Albanians. How can the majority of a race, which knows that all organic life in the Galaxy are in grave danger of becoming extinct, just sit down, dig in their heels and refuse to do anything because violence is bad? That part frustrates me. Oh, and their name reminds me too much of the Elbonians in Dilbert as well :-). End of nitpicking.

Anyway, now I am eagerly looking forward to the next book in the series which is apparently is going to come out sometime in May this year with at least one more book following that one.

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