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Bing Food and Drink is actually a quite nice app for Windows 8

Bing Food and Drink - HomeI like food. Both eating it and cooking it. Thus one of the first apps that I downloaded for my Windows 8 tablet were cooking apps. Well, at least one of the first after the essential movie, and book related apps. Not that there were that many out when Windows 8 first appeared though but now there is a reasonable amount of them around.

Although traditional cook books are nice to flick through the way you can easily search for recipes by ingredient, type of dish or whatever fits your mood and desires at the time by using an app is just something you cannot beat with a collection of paper cook books. The apps that I have been using mostly in the past are Allrecipes, All the Cooks and Marmiton (French). I have tried quite a few more but those were the ones that I used the most. Until now…

Bing Food and Drink - CollectionsAs most of you probably knows when Windows 8 was upgraded to Windows 8.1 a few new built-in apps were introduced. Among them where Bing Food and Drink. Lately I have found that I quite like this app and I have been using it almost exclusively the last couple of months. It is not exactly that there is something majorly wrong with the other apps but each is working a bit differently and each have their own system for storing favorites which makes it not so smooth to work with them when you have a lot of favorites spread over the different apps. Also, one thing most of them do miss is a decent printing feature. Many of them cannot print at all.

Bing Food and Drink - RecipeBing Food and Drink aggregates recipes from a lot of sources so their recipe database is fairly huge. The app in general is easy and logical to work with. You can select which sections you want on your home page. At least to a degree. Their Collection (favorites) feature is one of the best ones around. Simple and works well. You do not have to register for any special accounts and, if you let it, it syncs your collections between all your Windows 8 devices. It does of course have a well working print feature. If you are really into food it also have a nice news section (Food Culture).

Bing Food and Drink is actually an app that Microsoft got just right as far as I am concerned. Easy to use, works well and not overcomplicated or tries to think too much on the users behalf.

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