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Wrath of the Goods – Good book if your preference is combat and more combat

Wrath of the GodsWrath of the Goods (Star Crusades Nexus, #8) by Michael G. Thomas
My rating: 7 out of 10 stars

The opening battles of the bloodiest war in human history have been fought, and now the enemy spreads from world to world, exterminating all before them. This is no war for territory or resources, it is one of genocide. The valiant efforts of the Alliance, Helions, and Khreenk make the Biomechs pay a terrible price, yet still they continue onwards. Each of these massive assaults is being conducted from deep inside their fortified Arks, the command centers of the Biomech campaign. These vast behemoths combine the capabilities and firepower of battleships with the size and resources of entire space stations.

With trouble brewing between the Anicinàbe and Byotai, there are few remaining allies to counter this bloodthirsty invasion. Two more Biomech fleets make their way to the planets of Micaya and Libuscha, and the remnants of the assault force around Eos turn their attention on the dormant Black Rift. It falls to the heroes of the Great Uprising to rally forces from Mars to Hades to meet this challenge. Admiral Anderson and General Rivers assemble every combat unit they can find to fight the war. At the same time, Spartan and Teresa Morato solicit the aid of an ancient race, one that has even greater reason to bring down their old foe. Together they hope to assemble a mighty host in T’Karan, one that can unleash a counterattack and eradicate the enemy once and for all.

As usual with this book series this book is combat, combat and then some more combat. The Biomechs are attacking on a grand scale and there is fighting in space and fighting on the planets. There is really not much more to this book than combat.

Of course there is a thread involving Spartan and a plan to “end the Biomech threat once and for all” but this is more something that is lurking in the shadows compared to all the action in the book. The action is well written as usual so it is enjoyable reading but I have to say that sometimes it gets a bit repetitive.

Unfortunately dumbass politicians pops up in the middle of the book and makes a valiant effort to screw everyone with their shortsightedness and strife for personal political gains. That was a bit of a downer but luckily the military commanders had a bit more backbone than said politicians. Not that this would be very difficult of course.

The book ended in a huge cliffhanger and I really think it is a shame when authors feel they have to resort to this. Some loose ends to keep the interest going is fine but cliffhanger a’la cheap TV-show is not something that I find very enjoyable.

I was hesitating quite a bit when it came to rate this book. It is a good book but personally I feel it falls short of being a really great book. I gave it 4 stars on Goodreads but I could have given half stars I would probably have given it 3 1/2 stars.

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