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Eagle – Enjoyable ending to the story arc that started with Wolfhound

EagleEagle (Jacob Hull Series, #3) by Kindal Debenham
My rating: 8 out of 10 stars

The Celsotian Union has stopped the Oduran League’s offensive, but only at an agonizing price. Now the leader of the Celostian Navy, Jacob Hull receives the responsibility to pick up the pieces, but even as he struggles to rally the remnants of the crippled Navy a new danger looms. Rebellion simmers on the Frontier, and on the eve of yet another Oduran invasion, the Union experiences the bitterest division in its entire existence. At the center of the storm, Jacob Hull must outwit treacherous conspiracies and merciless foes. He must win—or else the entire Celostian Union will be left in ashes.

Eagle concludes the story arc that begun with Wolfhound and continued with Badger. It is an enjoyable read and a satisfactory ending to the story arc.

As with the previous book I was a bit put off by the flurry of incompetent politicians and bickering, vengeful and often incompetent, navy officers. During the first third of the book I was really starting to have bad feelings about this. Fortunately this situation resolves itself both by Jacob’s own hand and by a rather dramatic plot twist. In the end a good chunk of the book turns out to be payback time, not only against the internal enemies but also against the external ones.

There is plenty of nice space combat going on in the book. Jacob is as competent as ever in demonstrating the tactical error the bad guys did by getting in his way. Jacob as well as his friends, not forgetting High Seat Smithson, are characters that are enjoyable to read about.

Of course the entire story and the rapid advancement by Jacob from Ensign to High Admiral is a bit over the top in the believability area but I liked the story enough that I can live with that.

The story also comes to a decent enough conclusion. I think there are a few of the bad guys that got off the hook a bit to easy, as in were allowed to live given what they had done, but mostly it was a quite satisfactory ending. I am not sure whether there will be any more books in this series but a new main story arc would have to be started in that case.

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