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Badger – I quite liked it despite the flurry of criminally incompetent officers and politicians.

BadgerBadger (Jacob Hull Series, #2) by Kindal Debenham
My rating: 7 out of 10 stars

The Celostian Union is under attack on all fronts by the Oduran League, now allied with the pirates of Telos. As Jacob struggles to help stem the tide of Oduran aggression, he has to face political machinations and bitter divisions at home that are as much a threat to the Union as any Oduran task force. Yet in spite of the challenges, Jacob must learn to overcome these obstacles and once again lead those under his command to victory, because if he does not, the alternative will mean death for the people he holds dear.

I read the first book in this series, Wolfhound, almost two years ago. That Wolfhound had been treated to not only one but two sequels had completely fallen under my radar until now. I had to go back to my Goodreads list to see what I actually thought about the first book and since I read it before I had started to write actual reviews for the books that I have read I could only see that I gave Wolfhound four stars. Well, four stars is rather good so, as you can see, I picked up the sequel.

I quite liked this book. It is a fairly standard adventure story about a young man who have to fight not only the actual enemy but also his incompetent and scheming fellow officers as well as the usual clueless politicians who rather spend the money going to the navy on buying votes.

I quite like Jacob Hull, even though most other people in the book seems to have differing opinions, as well as most of his friends. I like the space combat in the book and there is a fair amount of combat. It is rather well done and, of course, Jacob comes out ahead most of the time although the cost is sometimes high.

I do not like the fact that, despite being severely threatened and outnumbered, the Celostian navy have to fight against useless politicians trying to motivate cutting funding and cutting corners. I like the useless, plotting officers in the Navy even less. Then, anyone who have already read any of my reviews knows what I think about politics and backstabbing so this should not really come as a surprise.

As I said, on the whole I liked this book. It is above average and I would have given it a higher rating if the squabbling and politics would have been less present.

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