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Orange Cloud – What a useless cloud service!

Le Cloud d'OrangeOrange France, who happens to be my internet provider, have decided to jump onto the cloud train some time ago. Not really surprising seeing how much hype there is about cloud services and cloud computing right now. I have not really paid much attention to their service. I am quite happy with SkyDrive (soon to be OneDrive) and I did not feel the need to look for anything else.

Lately they made a big revamp of the service and when looking at the information that I got I saw that you get a whopping 100 GB for free. So I thought, why not have a look. If nothing else I could use it for some additional backup of my most important stuff. Also, as they carefully point out, the service is hosted in France which means that your files will not be scanned by the hypocritical moral police in the states. And, hopefully, not NSA of course.

Unfortunately this is really a useless service. It has recently been revamped but it still functions like some file upload service designed 10 years ago. It is really amazingly bad. There is iCrap, Android and Windows Phone apps but there are no decent sync software for Windows. That means that you have no sync functionality at all for a Desktop PC or Windows tablet and you must use their web interface for uploading and accessing your files. That is just rubbish. The have a “file transfer” software which you can use to and which will upload any new files in folders that you tell it to monitor but it will not upload files that have changed but only new ones and it refuses to use drives like MyBook which is connected via the USB port and considered “removable”. Thus it is not very useful.

Well, if I was only going to use it for backup of, say, some old photo albums that really did not change very often I guess I could live with using their web interface. However, their web interface is really a piece of crap. It is not very intuitive and feels very outdated. Unfortunately this is something that Orange have in common with a lot of French websites. Worse however, their upload mechanism only allows you to upload individual files. You cannot select a folder and have it uploaded. What the f…? What good is it to have 100 GB of space if you cannot upload a folder structure? To upload even a small part of my photo archive I would have to manually create loads of folders in the cloud and then navigate to each one and upload the files in them.

This, to me, is an utterly useless cloud service!

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