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The Chimera Vector – Smashingly good for a debutant work…but not really my cup of tea

The Chimera VectorThe Chimera Vector (Fifth Column, #1) by Nathan M. Farrugia
My rating: 6 out of 10 stars

The Fifth Column: the world’s most powerful and secretive organization. They run our militaries. They run our governments. They run our terrorist cells.

Recruited as a child, Sophia is a deniable operative for the Fifth Column. Like all operatives, Sophia’s DNA has been altered to augment her senses and her mind is splintered into programmed subsets.

On a routine mission in Iran something goes catastrophically wrong. Bugs are beginning to appear in Sophia’s programming and the mission spins out of control.

High-speed chases, gun fights, helicopter battles, immortal psychopaths, super soldiers and mutant abilities are all in the mix in this edge-of-your-seat action-packed techno-thriller.

This is indeed a smashingly good debutant work. It is however not really my cup of tea. This book can best be described as a techno-thriller. There are loads and loads of action in it and the action is generally quite okay. There are also loads and loads of conspiracies, double-crossing and backstabbing and it is these latter parts that is not really my preferred reading.

I was kindly given this book for free by the author who had seen my review of An Officers Duty in the Theirs Not to Reason Why series and thought that I might be interested in this series as well. Actually, I think these two books do not really compare that well. The Theirs Not to Reason Why is a galaxy spanning sci-fi series about a young woman with almost supernatural powers who are very sure of herself and tries to save said galaxy. The Fifth Column series is a down to Earth (comparatively) techno-thriller. The lead character is a young woman but that is really as far as the similarities goes. In the beginning the main character is not really knowing what is going on and she certainly is not very sure of herself.

The book is more or less based on a conspiracy theory about a secret organisation ruling the world and being behind pretty much everything evil in it from Nazi-Germany to Middle-East terrorism. They have withheld a huge amount of scientific advancements from the rest of the humanity in order to foster their own hunger for power and control. I have a hard time with these kind of stories, not to mention the double-crossing and backstabbing.

Most of the book is a roller coaster ride of action where the main character, and a few others, are being made aware of the fact that they have been deceived and, with the aid of another(!) secret organisation, tries to strike back. As I wrote before the action is quite okay even though it sometimes is a bit I did that, this guy did this, I did that, this guy did this and so on.

Regardless of my preferences when it comes to conspiracies etc. the story does indeed hold together pretty well. If you like a lot of action and do not mind conspiracies and double-crossing then you are probably going to find this a very good book. I am surprised at the quality of the writing, coherence of the story and so on given that it is a debutant work. Even though this is not my preferred type of story I might just consider buying the next book just to see how the writer develops.

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