Please make a decent TV-show tracker with Trakt.TV sync for Windows 8

Yes, this is another one of my rants that I have a tendency to splurt out when something frustrates me.

Keeping track of which episodes of various TV-shows that you have watched can be a bit problematic. At least if you , like me, have a bit of a “teflon-memory”. It does not help that the French TV channels are absolutely abysmal when it comes to TV-shows. There is zero persistent planning that you can follow. They might decide to send half a series, a third, two-thirds or something else and then stop for several months before sending the rest. Also, you never now how many episodes are sent. Sometime it is one followed by a rerun. Sometimes it is two new episodes in one evening. If you are trying to catch up by watching a re-run they might decide to give half a dozen of those on the same evening. It is really a bloody mess.

So I have been looking around for some app to my Windows 8 tablet that would help me keeping track of what I have watched. There are a few out there that are not too bad. However, what I really wanted was an app that used and/or synced with some service like Trakt.TV. That way everything would be up to date between my PCs, my tablets and my phone and I could use any web-browser from any device to look things up and update my data.

Unfortunately there are not really any good ones. Actually Trakt’s user interface on the web is not exactly a stellar experience but their API appears to be quite complete. Unless it is really really buggy, which I do not think it is, it is quite surprising that few the Trakt-enabled apps that exists are so poor.

I have found only four apps that have Trakt.TV sync and none of them are very good. The four apps are

  • ShowTracker
  • Primetime TV
  • SeriesHub
  • Watchlist

I have tried all four of them and below are my personal findings.

ShowTrackerThe first one, Showtracker, I never managed to get to work at all. Epic fail.




Primetime TVThe second one, Primetime TV, at least loads up but it simply doesn’t want to load all the shows I have in Trakt. It also seems like it doesn’t recognize Trakt lists and it splatters the apps home screen with useless information so that I have to scroll right to get to my shows. The fact that it doesn’t load all my shows is of course a showstopper.


SeriesHubThe third one, SeriesHub, is actually not too bad. It is quite simplistic with a neat clean interface. You instantly get a view of your shows. Unfortunately it does not show any details concerning the individual episodes of a show which is really not acceptable. It also do not pick up the Trakt lists but that I could have lived with.


WatchlistThe fourth one, Watchlist, is the one I am using now but that one is also full of flaws. The user interface is quite good and the information displayed is totally acceptable. It also picks up your Trakt lists so you can browse per list. Unfortunately its Trakt sync is really flawed. First of all, despite asking for your Trakt credentials it requires you to make your Trakt list public otherwise the sync just fails all over the place. Worse, even if you do that, the sync is weird.

The app have the concept of “favorites” and you basically have to have the app selected as a favorite otherwise it will not update the series information with new episodes etc. Okay, I can leave with that. The shows that I am currently watching or at least is not yet completed/cancelled are set as favorites. This also makes the show first on the apps “home page” so it not a bad thing.

The bad thing comes when you try to remove a show from favorites. The the bloody app goes of and marks all episodes of that show as unseen on Trakt. What the f… I have sent feedback to the creator of the app but so far all I got back was a nonsense answer. There seems to be little interest in fixing this.

I still use this app for the time being until something better comes around though. However, every time I have finished with a show, that is watched the last episode, and no longer wants it in my favorites I have to log the app out of Trakt, change the shows status, and log the app back into Trakt again.

I really whish someone would start to make better apps for Windows 8. It is not a problem with Windows (I am a developer after all) but more of a problem with the will to put some effort into it. Look at my favorite hate object in this context for instance, Amazon’s Kindle app for Windows 8. This is a prime example of how you can simply screw things up if you do not really care to make a good app. There are other apps that make a much better job than the Kindle one so it is pure laziness on the part of Amazon.

4 thoughts on “Please make a decent TV-show tracker with Trakt.TV sync for Windows 8

    1. Hi,

      Yes I did (obviously long after I wrote this post) and it is quite ok actually. It has recently been updated with quite a few needed features, like being able to sort the “My Shows” by the last action.

      There are a few gripes, like that the watch history do not allow you to do anything when you click on a episode. Lets, for instance, say that I watched an episode and marked it as such. I did not want to rate it right away. Well then I would like to go into my watch history and rate it afterwards but that I cannot do. I would also want to be able to jump to the next episode from everywhere the episode details are displayed, regardless of where I got to that screen from.

      The latest incarnation of the web site is actually quite good. I know it is a bit of a bummer to copy some else’s design but it does indeed provide the features that I feel I “need”.

      Still, TV Show Tracker is probably one of the best app out there and the dev seems to be actively supporting it.

      However, the fact that you come up as Jonathan Antoine in my comments feed makes me suspect that you are the developer 🙂 ?


      1. Hello,

        You have discovered my, not so secret, identity 😏

        If you open an item from your watch history, you should be able to rate it using the button at the bottom. Is it not what you have ?

        At this time, you can navigate to the next/previous item of the list you’re coming from… Excepts from the watchlist (my mistake). Do you want to have this on the watchlist ?

        Is it ok if we continue by mail (it’s in the app ☺ ) or by Twitter PM (@jmix90) ?

        Thanks a lot for your feedback !


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