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An Officer’s Duty – A bit uneven with a few less thrilling parts but I liked it anyway

An Officer's DutyAn Officer’s Duty (Theirs Not to Reason Why) by Jean Johnson
My rating: 7 out of 10 stars

Promoted in the field for courage and leadership under fire, Ia is now poised to become an officer in the Space Force Navy—once she undertakes her Academy training. But on a trip back home to Sanctuary, she finds the heavyworld colony being torn apart by religious conflict. Now Ia must prepare her family and followers to secure the galaxy’s survival. Her plan is to command a Blockade Patrol ship. Her goal, to save as many lives as she can. But at the Academy, she discovers an unexpected challenge: the one man who could disrupt those plans. The man whose future she cannot foresee…

The book continues straight from the previous instalment in the series. As with the previous instalment we follow Ia as she tries to navigate the flow of time and chose the path that leads to the survival of the galaxy hundreds of years from now.

It is generally a fun and entertaining read. There are a few bits, especially the first parts, which are perhaps not so thrilling. The first 100 pages, where Ia visits her family on her home planet, is even a bit boring. Luckily it is a reasonably large book (450+ pages) so there is plenty of material left once one has gotten through this part.

The rest is in some sense similar to the first book with a period of military training followed by some actual duty. This is the fun part, both the training and the actual duty. As before Ia is somewhat of a übervoman and a badass one at that.

In this book we actually get to know a lot more of what the dangers that lay ahead are. They are still far away in the future though and Ia have a few details to deal with before that, like winning a couple of wars that are about to break out, so I would say that there are plenty of material for more books.

The book ramps up the action rather exponentially towards the end and here is also when we get to know quite a few things about the imminent future. In these parts of the book Ia makes sure no one forgets why she is called Bloody Mary. She also reveals that precognition is not her only abilities and towards the end I got a bit of a superhero feeling over the entire story. I was not to sure if I liked all of this über-stuff but in the end I think it worked out quite well.

After this book I definitely want to read the rest of the story so I am going to dive straight into the next one.

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