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Dragon Wars – I did not at all get as much “want to read more” feeling from this book as from the author’s other works

Dragon WarsDragon Wars (Dragon Dreams, #1) by Raymond L. Weil
My rating: 5 out of 10 stars

The dragons had been created by ancient sorcerers deep beneath Firestorm Mountain. The most powerful of these deadly creatures was Gilmreth. After the Worldfire, the dragons escaped from the mountain to prey upon the few living creatures left upon the Earth. Over the centuries, living sources of food became harder to find and the dragons took to preying upon each other.


In a small secluded valley, a few humans still struggle to survive. Just when their lives are finally turning for the better, the surviving dragons find them. As the dragons begin to hunt, the remaining humans fear that this is the end. But there is another surprise hiding in their valley. This hidden secret could be the difference between the humans dying and their ultimate survival.

This is a very short volume. It is less than 100 pages. Normally I am not too keen on these really short books but this author have had a bit of a habit of writing “teaser” books when he starts a new series and so far I have really liked the his books. His Star One, Moon Wreck and Slaver Wars series are all reading that I have been and are enjoying very much.

Unfortunately this book did not really give me the “want to read more” feeling that the author’s other teaser books have been giving me. I cannot say that it is badly written or anything but it just did not really work out for me.

I never really felt much for the characters which never get time to develop into anything. The background story held quite some promise but it was also never really developed into anything. The surprise at the end, well it was not what I thought it would be which I guess, in one way, is good but it also meant that the ending was less impressive than I hoped. Also, there was not really much of a thread left that made you want to see where the story led.

Now I am really split on this series. I have liked the author so far so should I ignore this one and dive into the next book, which is a more full size one and also do not really seem to continue the short story in this book, or should I drop the series here?

3 comments on “Dragon Wars – I did not at all get as much “want to read more” feeling from this book as from the author’s other works

  1. I’d give it a go for one more book. If it doesn’t work out, at least you made the effort.


  2. Wow, that cover is just…dang…

    In any case, if you’ve liked previous works by this author then it’s probably worth trying the next book. This series could well pick up later on (or it might not…you never know).


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