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Resolute Uprising – I still like the series although the previous book was a wee bit better

Resolute UprisingResolute Uprising (The War for Terra, #3) by James Prosser
My rating: 7 out of 10 stars

Apparently distraught over the loss of his true love, Lee Pearce sacrifices his career and command as he embarks on a quest to discover the secrets of the Ch’Tauk empire. Diving into the depths of the galaxy’s most depraved cultures, Lee and the Demon Squadron will encounter the pleasures of the flesh and the pain of battle to uncover the mystery of the Ch’Tauk Home World.


Meanwhile, Commodore Chang and the newly formed Alliance are beginning a plan to take back Terra’s colony’s from the invaders. The fleet learns the art of war as enemy positions are attacked.


It’s action, intrigue, love and war as the epic saga of the War for Terra continues. Secrets will be revealed, lives will be sacrificed and battles will be fought as humanity rises up to take back what has been lost.The adventure began in Resolute Command goes on…

This book continues the story started in Resolute Command. We get to continue to follow Lee, Chang and the rest of our friends on another set of adventures towards the final goal of liberating Earth and its colonies from the Ch’Tauk invaders.

It is very much the same light but fun reading as in the previous book. A nice mixture between space combat, under-cover work, bar brawling and hand to hand combat. Unfortunately the snake in the garden, that is the despicable politician First Minister Rao and his political machinations, are having more of a presence in this book which, to me, is dragging it down a wee bit.

I never like dumbass politicians in my books and I especially dislike them in a situation when the future of mankind is in doubt and they just repeat the same kind arrogant political screw-things-up behaviour that got them in that situation in the first place. The guy is a lunatic. I just doesn’t understand why the military, which is said to outnumber the civilians by a great margin, lets this idiot get away with his behaviour. Especially since we are told that he actually tried to lead some form of mutiny or revolution aboard the cruise ship not believing in the Ch’Tauk invasion.

Well, having said that, most of the book deals with our friends and advancing the story towards the end goal. As I wrote it is as nice adventure and fun reading. I am looking forward to the next installment which apparently have the encouraging name Resolute Victory.

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