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Got my Lumia Black update yesterday. Not as much good stuff as I hoped for.

Lumia Black UpdateWhile browsing the news in front of the TV yesterday I saw that the Lumia Black update had started to roll out in a number of places and when looking at Nokia’s update status page it was written that it should be available for Lumia 925 in France so, naturally, I grabbed my phone and pushed the “Check for Updates” button and voila, there it was. After a not too long download and update procedure my Lumia was running the Black version of the OS.

The first thing I was doing after the update had finished was checking the camera settings. I was so hoping that the rumoured ability to shot pictures in raw format was going to be there. Unfortunately it was not. I know that it was only rumours that the Lumia 925 would get this feature as well but they were rather persistent rumours so I was hoping that they were correct. No such luck though. I am quite disappointed at this. Not being able to get the RAW version is just such a drawback and how hard can it be to not process the image and save it to a file?

The second feature I was interested in was the app folders that seemed to have popped up as a Black feature at the last minute. As it turns out this is not really a Black feature but a Nokia app which you can download and install without having the Black update. In any case I thought this was an interesting feature but this also turned out to be not as much as I hoped for. You can group apps and certain settings under “folder” tiles on your home screen. However, you can not group just any tile in these folders. For instance you cannot group tiles that are links to documents or secondary tiles using this app. This makes this feature greatly less useful than it could have been.

There is one good new feature though. You can finally use your own ringtones not only for incoming calls but also for SMS and email alerts. It is an absolute disgrace that it took so long to get this basic feature on Windows Phone.

As for the rest of this update. Well, there might have been some invisible changes that I might care about without knowing about them but for the rest of the official changes there is really none that I am too bothered with. I do not use the glance screen and I rarely use Bluetooth so the bottom line is that this, much talked about and anticipated update, did not really make much difference for me.

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