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Resolute Command – Not fantastic but fairly enjoyable space adventure

Resolute CommandResolute Command (The War for Terra, #1) by James Prosser
My rating: 6 out of 10 stars

The Terran Confederacy has been destroyed and Earth is lost. Humanity has been enslaved or scattered to the galaxy, hiding out in lonely systems far from home.


A cry for help from an enemy ship prompts action from an unlikely group of refugees and a lone fighter pilot. This begins an epic adventure that will unite the remains of the human race and take them into the depths of the darkest soul.


The battle for survival is underway and the War for Terra has finally begun.

This book is perhaps not wow-this-is-great-material but it is certainly not bad either. It is actually a fairly enjoyable space adventure. It is a simple story and one which is rather simply written. It looks like this might be the first work of this author and as such I do not think it is a bad one.

The story is a little in the direction of BattleStar Galactica in that humanity gets clobbered and we get to follow the refugees. It is much more upbeat than Galactica though in that more of humanity appears to have survived. In particular more of the military forces and in general there is much more hope for some later comeback as well as payback in this book.

The book frequently wanders back and forth in time in order to introduce the background story of the various characters and I have to admit that I find this a little annoying. I always find back-flashes annoying and I generally read them a bit faster in order to get back to the main thread. The characters themselves are enjoyable (most of them) though and reasonably well done.

The story, at least the background part how earth got clobbered etc. is perhaps a bit thin and rather weak but it is good enough to get the story going. Once it gets going it is quite fun reading with a fair amount of action and a decent progression of the story including a few twists here and there. Overall an enjoyable light read which I will continue following since the author have already published two more books in the series.

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