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Star Risk Ltd – Okayish attempt at an A-Team-like story in space

Star Risk LtdStar Risk Ltd (Star Risk, #1) by Chris Bunch
My rating: 6 out of 10 stars

For the right price, they’ll go anywhere in the galaxy. They’ll do anything, fight anyone, face any danger.


M’chel’Riss was stagnating in the Alliance Marines, assigned to a desolate post in the middle of nowhere. Then a fortuitous chance brought her to the attention of Star Risk, Ltd., a ragtag bunch of misfits struggling to make a living. Their first mission: spring a dangerous super-soldier trapped in a maximum security prison.


For money, fame, glory . . . mostly money.

This book feels like an attempt to create something similar to A-Team in space. I say similar since A-Team it is not. Yes, it is a bunch of scoundrels taking on assignments against bad guys which they get through with a good deal of improvisation not to mention violence. However, this team is not really doing it to help the ones in need. They are in it for the money and they are not exactly on the run hiding from a crime they are unjustly accused of.

Having said that, it is a decent enough attempt though. The book was an enjoyable read but again, A-Team it is not. A-Team had a certain amount of humor in it and this one falls rather flat in that area. Not that it is devoid of any humor but is certainly not one of the books strong points. It is still a fairly nice book to read.

The book describes the creation of Star Risk Ltd. and the team as well as their first mission. There is a fair amount of action, quite a lot actually and in general the book is okay written. It feels like it never really took off though. The author never manages to create any real wow-this-is-good feeling which really makes you care about the characters.

It is the first in the series though so I will probably have a go at the next one as well to see how it goes. Oh, and one more thing, the cover for my Kindle version, and I would assume the printed ones as well, states that this is “military science fiction”. That is just so much BS. Some of the main characters may be former military but this is NOT military science fiction. Whoever wrote that is clueless!

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