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Star One: Neutron Star – Very good near-future science fiction

Star One - Neutron StarStar One: Neutron Star (Star One, #2) by Raymond L. Weil
My rating: 8 out of 10 stars

It is the year 2044 on Earth. At the Farside observatory complex on the Moon, a startling astronomical discovery has been made. A survey for pulsars has found an x-ray source in a region of space where none has been detected before.


Upon further investigation, they find that this x-ray source is just outside of the Solar System. The astronomers are paralyzed by what they have found knowing what its disastrous ramifications might be.


A neutron star is approaching the Solar System. It appeared out of a small dust cloud that was shielding its approach. Armageddon has arrived; the star is on a trajectory that will take it through the center of the Solar System. Life on Earth will not survive its passing.


The only hope for survival will be on the massive Star One space station at the Earth-Moon Lagrange point or possibly in Tycho City deep beneath the Moon’s surface. It will be a race against time to save a fraction of the Earth’s frightened population.


A power struggle will erupt on Earth over who is to survive. On Star One and at Tycho City they prepare for the worst, unfortunately, the threat from Earth might be just as dangerous as the approaching neutron star.

If you are looking for some action filled adventure this is not the book for you. It is an adventure for sure but on a more scientific level. The book tells of the preparations for trying to survive the approaching neutron star and the attempts to find out more about it.

The book is quite detailed in its description of the various small worlds that are the Tycho base and the Star One space station. It is definitely enjoyable to read about all the preparations and decisions being made. A lot of the characters are also very likable and well done.

In addition to the issue of the neutron star the space station have a rather entertaining problem with their computer system which have developed a bit of humor on its own.

Unfortunately any paradise seems to have its snake. Not surprisingly the snake in this case comes in the disguise of the usual political (asshole) senator which mostly tries to sabotage the space program for his own personal gain. There are a few more snakes like the UN president which is an even bigger waste of oxygen in this book than the current real world one. I never like these plot elements but, luckily, the rest of the book overshadowed this nonsense.

I definitely liked this book and will go on reading the series.

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