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Star One: Dark Star – Good but I did not like it as much as the previous one

Star One - Dark StarStar One: Dark Star (Star One, #3) by Raymond L. Weil
My rating: 7 out of 10 stars

The FarQuest has been launched on her mission of discovery to the approaching neutron star. On Earth, unrest is quickly growing as people realize that life on Earth might shortly come to an abrupt end.


President Kateland is doing everything in her power to try to preserve at least a small portion of the human race. However, a powerful U.S. Senator does not believe the neutron star threat is real.


The situation on Earth is about to explode as Star One and Tycho City struggle to survive in an uncertain future. What is even more frightening is the dark secret hidden by the neutron star. A secret that is so deadly that it makes any chance of survival seem almost impossible.

It is still a good book but I did not like some parts of the plot at all. The book seamlessly continues the story from the previous one. The preparations for the survival of the human race continues and these parts of the book are as good as the previous one. The characters are very enjoyable to read about. That includes the sentient AI.

The parts of the book that I do not like at all are the ones including the total asshole senator Farley and the consequences of his actions. That most politicians are self-centered assholes who are incapable of doing a real job is one thing but this guy is just so far out that it is…well not enjoyable and unreal. A US senator that behaves like a dictator in some third world country? Christ, even the North Korean dictator looks sane compared to this guy. And again, the UN president is not far behind. Sure it adds a bit of excitement and action but in general I think this just dragged the book down for me.

Otherwise this book is just as well written as the previous one and if you do not mind some over the top apocalyptic political nonsense then you will probably find this book as enjoyable as the previous book. The book pretty much concludes the story of the space station Star One but the epilogue is a quite interesting one leaving some very promising avenues open for a continuation based upon the events at the end of this book.

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