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The Belial Library – Quite enjoyable, better than the Belial Stone

The Belial LibraryThe Belial Library (The Belial Series, #2) by R.D. Brady
My rating: 8 out of 10 stars



Over decades, evidence of an incredible treasure, hidden in the forests of Ecuador, had been gathered by a Roman Catholic priest. The rumors of the treasure date back to the Conquistadors and tales of storehouses of Incan gold. But Professor Delaney McPhearson believes the treasure is older than the Incans. Much older.


As Atlantis was coming to an end, three libraries of knowledge and artifacts were hidden across the globe. Laney believes one of those hiding spots is the extensive tunnel system underneath Ecuador.


Laney knows she’s getting close to the ancient collection. But her research trip quickly turns into a brutal race for survival. For another group is also looking for the collection. And they will eliminate anyone and anything in their way.


Jake Rogan, former Navy SEAL and director of security for the Chandler Group, is a continent away when he learns of the danger Laney faces. But he will move heaven and earth to get to her in time.


In the middle of the search is Henry Chandler, CEO of the Chandler Group. Henry has spent a lifetime knowing he is different. He’s always wanted to know why. The library holds the answers to his questions. But his answers will be painful, in more ways than one.


Violence surrounds Laney, Jake, and Henry from the jungles of Ecuador, across the United States. The last time they became embroiled with an Atlantis site, they were saving the world. This time, the stakes are no less deadly.


Months ago, these three friends faced a supernatural threat and survived. They thought the experience was behind them. Little did they know, it was only just beginning.

The Belial Stone was a reasonably good book although I did not exactly find it fantastic. This book, The Belial Library, is the successor to The Belial Stone. I found this book quite enjoyable and an improvement over the first book.

The story kind of continues from the first book. I write “kind of” because the Belial stones found in the previous book are not part of this book but it stills ties in with the events in the first book. The main characters are all back and although, at first, Laney seems to have departed on an entirely new archeological adventure we are back to “the fallen” soon enough.

Although a lot of the book centers around Laney and her friend Jen, who also have a secret which are about to be revealed, Henry Chandler plays a central role in this story and his remarkable performance in the first book is about to be explained. I am happy that the author managed to put a bit of a twist to that explanation instead of just going for the obvious one.

The book is quite full of action as well as discoveries and plot twists and, as I wrote, I found it a quite enjoyable read. As with the previous books the background story, the archeological, religious and historical plot elements are quite interesting without going overboard on the religious parts.

The book have a proper conclusion meaning that it does not end in a frustrating cliff-hanger. Having said that it does contain an epilogue with a clear intention of getting the reader interested in buying the next book in the series. Personally I have to say that it succeeded.

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