Snowblind – Not very impressive

SnowblindSnowblind by Michael Mcbride
My rating: 3 out of 10 stars

They come at night.


A stranger staggers out of the wilderness under the cover of a blizzard and stumbles into a diner full of people. He collapses in the entryway, unzips his jacket, and allows the object hidden inside to fall out. Screaming commences.


Four old college buddies embark upon their annual elk hunting trip into the Rocky Mountains. This promises to be their last, for the passage of time is as merciless and unpredictable as the Colorado weather. And they’re not alone.


There are other hunters in the mountains, stalking game of a different breed. They know exactly what they’re doing, because they’ve been hunting in these woods for a long, long time. And no one ever survives to betray their existence.

I was looking for something different to read. Back in the days when I was (quite a lot) younger and book reading meant using paper as a medium without exception I used to like to read horror stories and this one got some nice ratings so I had a go at it. I have to say that I am not overly impressed. First of all the book is more of a short story than an actual book. Amazon claims it to be around 200 pages. My Calibre plugin says it has 102 pages. I think my Calibre plugin is the more honest one. In any case it was quick read.

The story is pretty much a standard one. Group of people alone in the woods, storm, cabin and a monster. Been there, seen that, done that and read that. I found the description of the book interesting, especially the first part but I feel it was not very representative for the majority of the book. [Spoiler ahead] I really hate it when the book blurb actually depicts the end of the book. [End Spoiler]

Well it was a bit of a diversion from the Sci-Fi/Fantasy reads but not very impressive unfortunately.

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