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HAB 12 – Still cannot decide whether this is young adult or not

HAB 12HAB 12 (Scrapyard Ship, #2) by Mark Wayne McGinnis
My rating: 6 out of 10 stars

Captain Jason Reynolds faces new challenges, not only on Earth but from the far side of the universe as well. The only way to stop the Craing this time will be to square off with them on their home turf.


Jason’s been informed that three powerful Craing warships, having similar technology as The Lilly, will soon be en route to Earth. The Alliance must destroy the Craing’s wormhole means of distant space travel to avert Earth’s total annihilation. Unfortunately, there’s no way to reach the Craing worlds in time, at least not through conventional means.


It’s up to Jason and his hand-picked assault team to traverse, by advanced phase-shifting means, through the hazardous environment of HAB 12. This is an adventure fraught with carnivores of a Jurassic Age magnitude, and a terrain so deadly that turning back may be their only hope of survival.

I still cannot really make up my mind if the books in this series are meant to be young adult books or not. They kind of hover just above what I personally would call young adult with some occasional dips down below the line. It has the flow of rapid revelations, plot changes and unexplained and way too fantastic technology that is not unusual in young adult books. At the same time the writing and some of the events are a bit above the category in question. I guess you have to read it if you really want to find out.

Be warned that there might be some slight spoilers in the rest of this review.

The book picks up straight from where the previous one left off. In the first couple of chapters the author manages to plop in a rather silly attempt at a military coup before continuing with the main story arc. As with the previous book they are using a lot of the technology found in the Lilly without really understanding everything about it.

You will have to read the book to understand what HAB 12 is all about but personally I found the entire concept a bit too far-fetched although I could have accepted it if it wasn’t for the amateurish way the characters behaved a lot of the time. I mean, go into a potential combat zone and only then start to brief everyone about important aspects of their equipment is just nonsense. Also draining said equipment by playing around with it so that a good chunk of the team gets eliminated almost before they have even started their mission is not just nonsense but criminally stupid.

Although the general story is a good one the book have too many of these stupidities in them for me to really appreciate it. It is also a bit annoying the way it ends in a huge cliff-hanger. Actually it does not seem to be a thought out cliff-hanger at all. The book just ends in the middle of things.

Having said all that, it is a fairly action loaded book with plenty of twists and turns. It is not a bad read. However, I think this is one of these book series that I might continue to read just because I want to know where the story goes from here.

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