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The Apex Predator – Another good book where we humans kick butt instead of the other way around

The Apex PredatorThe Apex Predator (The Human Chronicles, #7) by T.R. Harris
My rating: 8 out of 10 stars

Having placed a bounty on the heads of the alien Klin and Kracori races, Humanity must now face the desperate wrath of mankind’s worst enemies, who have once again joined forces for a pre-emptive strike against the Earth. Their plan is brilliant … and only the special abilities of ex-Navy SEAL Adam Cain can save the planet.


It’s a frantic race against time, as Adam and Sherri Valentine arrive on Earth to help mount a ragtag defense against the Kracori fleet. But will it be enough?


Meanwhile, Riyad Tarazi is on his own, carrying out the dangerous assignment of verifying the location of the Kracori homeworld of Elision. Riyad soon discovers he’s in the middle of a hornet’s nest of deadly aliens, every bit the equal of the Human Supermen. Will he succeed, or will he become another casualty of a galaxy growing ever more hostile to mankind.  And the evil Englishman Nigel McCarthy is up his old tricks as well, and his actions resurrect the sleeping giant of the Juireans. It’s the last thing the Humans need is another deadly alien race devoted to their destruction.


On the planet Earth, mankind is The Apex Predator. In the Milky Way Galaxy, we will assume the same role. After all, you can only poke the bear so long … before you get your head bitten off!

The one thing I really, really like with this book series is that the humans are not the underdogs and wimps as they are in a lot of other books series. We might have been behind technologically at the start but we do kick butt and we are not to be messed with.

This book appears to be a build up for a final “clobber time” between the humans and the evil Klin and the Kracori. It seems like the Juireans might join the party as well.

As before the book focuses on the exploits of Adam Cain and his friends. In two separate threads we follow Adam Cain as he discovers the imminent Kracori threat and Riyad as he investigates the alleged whereabouts of the Kracori home planet. Both threads are very enjoyable reads with plenty of opportunity for some good displays of old-fashioned human violence to the usual stunned surprise of the aliens witnessing it.

In a third thread we follow the scumbag Nigel McCarthy. Those parts were probably the parts that I liked the least. I rarely like to follow the subversive activities of the devious and scheming bad guys.

The book is very much in the style of the previous ones and, as I wrote above, it advances the story nicely in what appears to be a build up for the final confrontation. I am quite looking forward to read the next one.

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