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This Green Hell – Okay combination of thriller, horror and action story

This Green HellThis Green Hell (Alex Hunter, #3) by Greig Beck
My rating: 6 out of 10 stars

In the jungles of Paraguay, Dr Aimee Weir and her team are in trouble.

While drilling deep into the Earth a contagion strikes, their camp is quarantined, but workers start to vanish in the night.

Is it fear of contamination – or has something far more lethal surfaced?

Alex Hunter – code name Arcadian – and his Hotzone All-Forces Warfare Commandos are dropped in to the disaster area to do whatever it takes to stem the outbreak. But for the mission to be a success, the Arcadian must learn to master his violent inner demons long enough to confront the danger that not only threatens his own immediate survival, but that of mankind.

So far the books in this series have been swinging between okay and quite good. This one is okay. This time Alex Hunter meets up with Dr. Aimee Weir again. Naturally under somewhat dire circumstances. This time there are no caves. Well, at least not much caves. The scenery this time is the south American jungle where an ancient creature have been awaken.

The book takes a slightly different approach to the alien monster story in that it kind of combines a monster lurking in the jungle story with that of an unknown bacterial or virus outbreak. Well, it would be no good if it was “just” a virus would it because then Alex would not have much opportunity to show of his remarkable powers would he?

Of course Alex and his fellow HAWCs have a small arsenal of science-fictionesque high-tech equipment with them.

In general the book is okay. Apart from the slightly original story of Alex Hunter it is a fairly straightforward story in the genre. At some places it is quite predictable. Like, for instance, the radioactive equipment that was brought by specialist on contagious outbreaks. You did not really have to be much of a genius to figure that one out.

I think I liked the previous book a bit better though. I am not really too found of these rage attacks from Alex and even less found of this nonsense that the military scientists are supposedly planning to dissect him to find out the secret of his powers. If it was not for this dissecting crap I would have been rather disappointed about the ending in this book. Now, well I am still not too happy about it but I guess it was one way of solving the dissecting issue.

Anyway, I will wait until I have read the next book in the series to pass judgement on whether the direction in which this book went was good or bad. As a whole the book was fun enough to read that I will certainly read the next one as well.

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