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Scrooged – A few laughs but otherwise a rather mediocre movie.

ScroogedScrooged by Richard Donner on Parmaount Channel (CanalSat)
My rating: 5 out of 10 stars

Frank Cross runs a US TV station which is planning a live adaptation of Dickens’ Christmas Carol. Frank’s childhood wasn’t a particularly pleasant one, and so he doesn’t really appreciate the Christmas spirit. With the help of the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future, Frank realises he must change.

Even though this is an attempt to turn Charles Dickens’ classical story, “A Christmas Carol”, into a modern version it is now a fairly old movie being made 1988. Yesterday was 2nd of Advent and I was in the mood for something “Christmasy” so when I saw that this movie was given on Paramount Channel I (actually we the family) decided to sit down and watch it.

Unfortunately this attempt to modernize Dickens’ old classic is met with, at best, a moderate success. Bill Murray is doing a good effort with the role he has been given. Actually, he being in the movie was one of the reasons that I decided to have a go at watching it. However the movie never really moves beyond being yet another rather mediocre comedy.

His old “friend” visiting him as a dead guy and the first ghost was both quite cool and up to that point the movie was quite okay. However when the second ghost comes in the form of some wacky, sadistic fairy then it started to go downhill. She was not really funny and Frank’s going more and more loony was not very funny either. The third ghost was rather meh.

Sure there are a few laughs sprinkled around but not enough to elevate the movie to the heights that I was hoping from a movie with Bill Murray and based on Dickens’ story. Most importantly, I never really got that nice and cozy Christmas tale feeling when watching the movie. The ending with the lunatic and disjointed speech by Frank was quite a letdown as far as I am concerned.

The movie was good enough that the evening did not feel like a real waste but that is about it.

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