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Dahlia’s Deception – Yet another entertaining young adult category book from Saxon Andrew

Dahlia’s Deception (Annihilation #9) by Saxon Andrew
My rating: 7 out of 10 stars

Dahlia's DeceptionThe Star’s Realm is faced with a coming invasion from another universe that will overwhelm the Realm. The Planters are doing all they can to delay the invasion but the Five Major Civilizations are too powerful for them to take on alone. The invasion appears to be unavoidable.

The Planters are also beginning to suspect the Realm has an agenda that poses a threat to their continued existence. They are being set up to take a fall and no one sees it coming. Dahlia is caught in the middle of the intrigue and knows if the truth is revealed, her people will be isolated and left in a universe where a doomsday device is planned to be launched by the Gardners. If the device is activated, no intelligent life will survive.

She is walking a very tight line between saving her people or allowing the trillions in the Stars Realm to die. She’s caught in the middle and doesn’t know that everything she believes to be true is going to be shattered by an ultimate evil no one sees coming.

As usual when it comes to a book from Saxon Andrews this is clearly a young adult category book. Thus the story is simple, somewhat naïve and perhaps not for everyone. That doesn’t stop it from being an entertaining book though. At least not as far as I am concerned. If you have liked Saxon Andrew’s previous book you will probably like this one as well.

If you are starting to get tired of his books then I am afraid that this book will not persuade you otherwise. As have been my criticism concerning Saxon Andrew’s book for some time they are very similar. This one is another story about The Realm which continues from the last book in the series. Some of the bad guys from the previous books are eventually eliminated, some are shown the errors of their way and turns into good guys in the usual sweeping and naïve manner that usually happens in these books and some new “baddies” are introduced. Naturally some new and fantastic discoveries and events are produced in just the right time for the heroes to save the day.

Nothing new but it is still entertaining to read these simplistic stories about unbelievable heroes in shining armor and great adventures spanning not only galaxies but universes and “creations”. Having said that I think I still liked the earliest books better when the story was fresh and the scope was not so overwhelming.

Anyway, as I wrote earlier, this book is “more of the same” from Saxon Andrews and I found it enjoyable to read. For an adult it is a rather quick read though and if you do not like reading young adult material then you probably will not be too happy with this book.

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