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Acer Iconia W3 – Not at all as bad as some reviews states

Acer Iconia W3 With HandEver since I got my Iconia W5 tablet with Windows 8 I have wanted to get myself a smaller one, around 8 inches, to use at work for taking and bringing notes around, looking at documents etc. Despite the various hickups and more than one poor choice that Microsoft have made I am still far more happy with my Windows 8 tablet than my Android one and since Windows integrates much better with my work environment as well as SkyDrive etc, it is the logical choice for me.

I know that the Iconia W3 have been bashed a lot for its less than stellar display but I did not really want to spend a lot on a private tablet that I would bring to work and I do not really have that high requirements on the display for this type of work either. It is not like I would use it to review photos so it does not need to be ubersharp and color perfect or anything like that. I just wanted a Windows 8 tablet in the right form factor, with good battery life and at a decent price.

So when I found a W3 at a decent price in Geneva I decided to pick it up. For a more expensive tablet I would have been more cautious but this one was cheap enough that I could afford to put it on the I-got-screwed-again account if it turned out that it would be useless.

After having used it a short while I think that I got pretty much what I wanted. Sure, the display is not the best one around but that I already knew. In my personal opinion it is not att all as bad as some reviews have stated though. It is sharp and clear enough for what I use the tablet for. Actually, I would say that some reviewers are, if not outright lying, so at least exaggerating a lot.

Acer Iconia W3 With KeyboardThe rest of the tablet is as you would expect. It is not the thinnest around but it has a reasonably solid feel and the thickness and rounded edges makes it quite comfortable to hold. The battery life is good and I have no problem whatsoever to get through a normal working day on a single charge. Actually, since I am not using the tablet all the time I often get through more than one day before i have to charge it.

The only gripe I have so far is that the volume buttons are too easy to touch accidentally when grabbing the tablet. It is a bit annoying as well that the Windows button have a different placement than most other Windows 8 tablets. At least if you use it in landscape mode.

Overall I am happy with my purchase. As far as I am concerned, if you can get hold of this tablet at a discount price it is not at all a bad tablet. It is not the flashiest around but it is a good working tablet. You can get it with a keyboard but I got a model without since I really do not need a keyboard for my use. That helped keep the price down as well of course.

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