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The Trilisk Supersedure – Quite “meh” and mostly devoid of any real science

The Trilisk SupersedureThe Trilisk Supersedure (Parker Insterstellar Travel #3) by Michael McCloskey
My rating: 5 out of 10 stars

Having secured an amazing new base of operations that provides for their every material need, Telisa, her fellow smuggler Magnus, the alien Shiny, and the new recruit Cilreth head out on their third expedition in style with robots and advanced Vovokan technology at their fingertips.


Their target is the fourth planet in the Chigran Callnir system, a place known to be the site of a Trilisk colony. The team soon finds out the ruins are not as dead as they thought, and they aren’t the only ones interested in the legacy of the Trilisks.

When I started to read this book I did not have my hopes set very high since the previous two books have been rather weak. Since I have read the first two I felt that I wanted to read this one as well though. I really do not like to drop a book series once I have started it.

May main issue with this book as well as with the previous ones are the totally amateurish manner in which these people go messing around with things they do not understand. They are using advanced alien artefacts, including advanced weaponry, which they have only half unlocked. Their approach to investigating alien ruins and artefacts are more or less by poking a stick at it and see if something happens. There is not a shred of scientific reasoning or attempt at explanation for anything they find or use whether it is alien equipment or “ordinary” terran equipment.

This amateurish behavior is repeated in pretty much everything. The way these people go about most of their activities is simply frustratingly unscientific and illogical. The alien, “Shiny” would normally have been an interesting element of the story but when already being somewhat negative about how the human characters behave his obnoxious behaviour and pondering about whether he shall switch to “competitive mode” or not is just annoying.

If you can get over the nonsensical science and general behaviour of the characters you will probably find this a good book. I am afraid that I found it quite “meh”. I will probably read the next one in the series but this will be more out of stubbornness as well as wanting to see where the overall story arc goes.

3 comments on “The Trilisk Supersedure – Quite “meh” and mostly devoid of any real science

  1. I agree with what you say… but it’s merely action/adventure pulp. I can hardly spend chapter after chapter explaining new experiments, watching them write programs to pore through exobytes of data to give rise to new theories or take down old ones. And the smugglers don’t have the agenda of a facility like CERN, their objective is to make money (although Telisa likes to learn about aliens, she is not a physicist, either).

    And people DO behave irrationally… such as continuing to read a series they are apparently not enjoying 🙂


    • Well you write your books like you want them and if people like them I am happy for you. People are different after all. I review them as I see them. As for the explaining part, other books do it better, from my perspective at least, so it is certainly not impossible.

      I also think I explained why I continued to read the series. If you want to call that irrational behavior you are free to do so.


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