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Dark Rising – Similar to the first one. Quite enjoyable.

Dark RisingDark Rising (Alex Hunter #2) by Greig Beck
My rating: 7 out of 10 stars


When a massive amount of gamma radiation is detected somewhere beneath the desert of Iran, the world is on edge. Is it a nuclear weapon—or worse? Alex Hunter and his highly trained incursion team is on a mission to find out. When they arrive at the ruins of Persepolis, they find an underground facility but no lab, no weapons, no scientists—not even radiation. A black hole has taken everything…



Meanwhile, Iran is preparing for the return of the prophet. Israel is threatening nuclear war. And the details about Alex’s special U.S. military venture—code name: Arcadian—have been stolen. Then another gamma spike is detected…and someone, or something, is draining the fluids from the bodies of Iranian soldiers in the desert.



Now it’s up to Alex to follow the traces of radiation all the way to the ancient caves of Arak, where he’ll come face to face with a creature from his darkest nightmares. Is it game-over for Alex and his team? Or are greater forces at work as the world reaches its natural end—and mankind casts its final judgment?

This book is quite similar to the first book in this series. Sure, the story is different but otherwise the similarities are plentiful. A new mission for Alex, a new team of HAWC’s, a strong female character, plenty of action, some monstrous adversaries (both human and not so human). There are even a few caves thrown in as well.

Luckily it is not all the same. Although, on the surface, there is some strong resemblance with the first book it is not just a re-run with some minor changes. The core of the plot in this book is not just a random discovery but a man-made event. As you can deduce from the book blurb this book takes a stab at the Iranian Islamists. However Iran and their fanatics are mostly used as a convenient backdrop. The story is pure fiction and the Iranian president and hard-liners are portrayed as even more extreme and lunatic than in real life.

The Iranian president does not get to play the bad guy all by himself though. As in the first book a not-so-human adversary is also introduced to spice things up. Actually this nefarious creature is a direct result of the actions of the Iranians but he does not know that and he does not care. For him humans are just a tasty snack.

Of course Alex gets plenty of opportunities to use his new powers which are apparently continuing to develop by the way. The book and the character of Alex Hunter is getting fairly close to super-hero level when it comes to how powerful this man has become. I guess some people might find it over the top. Me, I like it…so far. It makes these books a bit different from the gray mass of ordinary marine team thrillers.

In short, I find this book to be an enjoyable thriller with both a horror and a science fiction twist to it.

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