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Tried out the new Windows 8 Flipboard app…and ventured onto Pinboard

My Flipboard PageI am one of those people who have not really shown much interest in the various social media sites that are around and hyped up to various (insane) levels by their supporters not to mention media. Sure, I have a Facebook account but I have never used it very actively. Most of the posts on my account are automated ones from more specialized sites like Goodreads, IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes etc.

When I read in my Windows related news feed that Flipboard had come out with an app for Windows 8 and that it was supposedly a major app and a big deal that this “must have” app was released for Windows 8 then curiosity got the better of me and I decided to have a peek to see what all the hoopla was about.

I have to say that I found the concept of Flipboard rather appealing. Aggregating material already existing on Internet is not really anything new but Flipboard does it in a way that produces some very pleasing results visually yet it is very simple to use. Since a lot of my posts are either about books that I have read or movies that I have watched I thought…hmm…maybe it would look good to gather these posts in Flipboard’s magazine form. So I created an account and two magazines, one for Books I’ve Read 2013 and one for Movies I’ve Watched 2013 and filled them with the reviews from this site. I have to say that I found the result quite pleasing.

My Books 2013 Pinterest BoardSince I had now gone into my venture or playing around mode anyway, and I just read an article referring to Pinterest, I though, what he heck, let us have a look at Pinterest as well. When I started my little venturing into this area both Flipboard and Pinterest where things that would make me go “What is that?” if someone had mentioned any of them in a conversation.

Well, to make a not so long story even shorter, I found Pinterest rather interesting as well. Again, with most of my efforts on this site focusing on books and movies, the idea of actually pinning books that I’ve read and movies that I’ve watched was not really that far-fetched. So I created a Books I’ve Read 2013 board and a Movies I’ve Watched 2013 board on Pinterest and filled them.

One could of course ask why both Flipboard and Pinterest? You’re doing the same thing on both are you not? Well yes but the presentation is very different. Both of them might not keep my interest forever though. Also remember that this all started with me being curious so of course I wanted to try out both. In addition, for me the fun with all this is the tinkering. Doing things and seeing the result. Sure, it is fun if people actually read what I write and post but it is the doing and the seeing the result on the screen that brings enjoyment to me.

Anyway, my books and movie posts are now also available on Flipboard and Pinterest and I intend to keep it like that for a while at least. There are links to my profile pages on both sites in the My Stuff box in the right widget bar as well as in this post.

Oh, the Flipboard app that started all of this? Unfortunately I cannot say that I was overly impressed with it. I was somewhat annoyed by the fact that it was faster to flip around in my two magazines using Internet Explorer and the web version of Flipboard than using the app. The navigation also seems to be either broken or simply very awkward. If I click on one of the tiles on the main page nothing happens. I have to first click on the tile (with no visual feedback) and then on the flip button to the right in order to go into a subject. Seems to me that an update of the app would be in order in the very near future.

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