The Frozen Ground – At best a mediocre thriller in a slightly original setting

The Frozen GroundThe Frozen Ground by Scott Walker on Blu-ray
My rating: 5 out of 10 stars

Alaskan trooper, Jack Holcombe believes that Robert Hansen is a serial killer who abducts young girls then tortures and sexually assaults them then kills them. But he doesn’t have enough evidence to justify a search warrant of Hansen’s premises. He knows one of his victims, Cyndy Paulsen somehow survived so he tries to find her and asks her to help him. But when he finds her, she’s a junkie and has trust issues. So Holcombe has to try and earn her trust so that she could help him. But Hansen is still doing it.

I bought this movie on Blu-ray because it got fairly decent ratings on IMDb, and I more often than not agree with IMDb, but also because of Nicholas Cage who I quite like as an actor even though he have done his share of lousy movies.

Unfortunately this movie is not really much to write home about. It is not very original except possibly for the Alaska setting. It is very choppy in its implementation. It also seemed to want to focus more on the seedy parts of the Alaskan nightlife than the actual murderer and his pursuit. We did not even get any nice scenery, just red, flashy and seedy nightclubs or a gray and dull outside.

I never really got very interested in whether the guy got caught or not and even Nicholas Cage failed to catch my interest. As a double episode of a TV-show it might have been considered as not too bad. As a movie…below average I would say.

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