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Peacekeeper – Quite okay little Sci-Fi story

PeacekeeperPeacekeeper (The Galactic Alliance #4) by Doug Farren
My rating: 6 out of 10 stars

The Peacekeepers were the solution to a problem: How do you enforce the laws of a society made up of a dozen species spread out across hundreds of planets? Peacekeepers were endowed with the strength of cybernetics and the authority to enforce the law throughout the Alliance. They were admired by those they protect and feared by those who break the law. Communications specialist Tom Wilks is about to find out just how demanding a Peacekeeper’s life can be as he undertakes the journey to becoming one of them.

This is a quite okay little Sci-Fi story. It takes place in the Galactic Alliance universe after the third book. It could actually be thought of as the start of a new spin-off series to the original trilogy. Unfortunately I feel it is a bit rushed and tries to cover too many bases at he same time.

The main focus, or what should have been the main focus, is the Peacekeeper Tom Wilks. The book starts of with Tom being admitted to the Peacekeeper academy and we start to follow him in his training which, as you can deduce from the book blurb above, includes a bit of “upgrading”. Quite a bit actually. This is a great part of the book. However, I feel a lot more time could be spent on this. It feels rushed and Tom is a full-fledged Peacekeeper way too early.

Then the book takes off with a story about infiltration and conspiracy to take over the Earth by an old terrorist organization. Not surprisingly their leader is referred to as “High Sultan”. This is not bad although I find the conclusion a bit unsatisfactory given the actions these terrorists take during the course of the story. There are some nice tie-ins with the previous books though.

However, my main gripe is that each part of this book, the Peacekeeper training and the terrorist part, could easily have been made into two separate really good books. As it stands now it is a good book but it feels somehow lacking or perhaps more precisely I get a feeling of wasted potential.

Having said that, it is definitely a read-worthy book.

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