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Amazon still cannot be bothered to fix their Kindle app for Windows 8

Kindle App for Windows 8A couple of days ago I saw that there was a new update of Amazon’s Kindle app for Windows 8 available. Naturally I quickly made the update and opened the updated app with hoping that this time they would have actually fixed the app. But again my hopes where in vain. Not one of the things that needed to get fixed where actually fixed.

What the heck are the plonkers at Amazon doing? I wrote in a previous post that I almost wondered if they deliberately wanted to sabotage Windows 8. Since they have indeed come out with several upgrades to the app and improved the original user interface and feature set quite a lot this seems a bit far-fetched (okay it was maybe far-fetched already when I wrote it the first time) but then why the heck not fix the things that really needs fixing?

Maybe the worst of it all is that the Kindle app could be a really great Windows 8 app. There are many things to like in it already. I do like the home page in its latest incarnation for instance. You immediately see you current books and get a glimpse of what is new at the same time. The fact that you can choose to download you book for off-line reading or just keep it in Amazon’s cloud storage is also great. The app in general is simple and practical to navigate.

So why the bloody hell can you not get around to just fix the last bits and pieces Amazon?

The most annoying fault is that the settings for font size and margins is just no good. The jumps between steps are huge and I cannot find a comfortable setting. The text size either becomes too small or much too big. I need glasses to read and getting a comfortable text size means a great deal to me. Especially for long reading sessions.

Always fails the first time one tries to open the storeThe second most annoying fault is that, the first time you want to enter the Kindle store, it fails. That is not once in a while, it is every time! If you go into the store you know you have to wait for a long timeout and then you have to click a second time and everything is ok from then one until you close the next day. That is just rubbish.

Finally the third thing that nags me although I have to admit that I can live without it is that you cannot see your personal documents. That is simply silly. There is no justification to it that I can think of.

If Amazon would just fix these things, especially the first issue, then this would be a truly great app. As it is now I always check first if I can find a book somewhere else so I can use a different reader.

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