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Wings of Hell – The series is not really improving

Wings of HellWings of Hell (Starfist, #13) by David Sherman and Dan Cragg 
My rating: 5 out of 10 stars

Planet Haulover has been invaded by Skinks. Until now, the aliens’ existence has been hushed up. But Force Recon’s shocking report leaves the Confederation no choice but to mount a military campaign against these alien predators bent on human destruction. Meanwhile, back home, the Confederation’s president is being denounced as a warmonger out to exterminate “harmless” aliens. If she loses the upcoming elections, the Confederation will have a lot more Skinks to worry about than the ones on Haulover.

Newly promoted Lieutenant Charlie Bass and his third platoon have more pressing concerns, such as staying alive. But what would be a suicide mission for most—whether it’s raiding a hidden Skinks base or destroying the enemy’s most lethal weapons during a desperate firefight—is just another job for the Thirty-fourth FIST.

This is the 13th novel in the Starfist series. According to the author the series was cancelled by the publisher after the 14th novel. Unfortunately it looks like this series is going to end on a much lesser note than it started. Maybe this downhill tendency was why the publisher cancelled the series in the first place?

This book is slightly better than the previous one in that it does not really contain too many dumbass, incompetent, generals trying to get the marines killed to cover up their own sorry asses. Unfortunately that is not much of a consolation though. The book takes quite a while to get started and those first bits are downright boring mostly devoted to women problems and military wife issues. From there we dive into a bunch of political nonsense with the president having to stave off a crisis in the creation by some of the usual political lowlife scumbags.

When the fighting finally starts it is, luckily, written in the same well done way as in the previous books. However, it is very predictable and there is really no development on the side of the aliens. We have now read about these aliens in a fair amount of the books in the series and they are still just the same nebulous fanatical bad guys which just seems to get a foothold on a planet somehow. Where are they from? Why are they here? What do they want?

Basically, the story is not really going anywhere. It has run out of steam so to speak. The fact that the books are not really that great any more makes it more and more difficult to overlook the totally ridiculous and childish names that the author seems to like giving to everything that is not strictly marine related.

I have already started to read the last and final book in this series but, quite honestly, I jumped straight into it just to be able to get the series finished and be done with it.

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