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Scrapyard Ship – Not bad but room for improvement

Scrapyard ShipScrapyard Ship by Mark Wayne McGinnis
My rating: 6 out of 10 stars

Lieutenant Commander Jason Reynolds has had a string of bad luck lately — evident by the uncomfortable house arrest bracelet strapped to his right ankle. Worse yet, he’s relegated to his grandfather’s old house and rambling scrapyard. To complicate things, the women in his life are pulling from every direction. But It’s through a bizarre turn of events that Jason is led to a dried up subterranean aquifer hundreds of feet below ground. Here he discovers an advanced alien spacecraft, one that will propel his life in a new direction.

The adventure begins… and with it new troubles for Jason: The Craing, an unstoppable interstellar threat, is headed right for Earth. A desperate situation goes from bad to worse as the Alliance crumbles.

Fortunately, Jason’s unorthodox and impetuous nature seems to work in his favor as he moves up to the captain’s chair. First order of business is to reconnect with his SEAL team compatriots and face this enemy head on. What’s at stake? The very survival of the human race.

I have to say that I had some difficulty deciding what rating to give this book. For some parts I really wanted to give a higher rating and for some parts not at all. I think the biggest problem with the book is that it is constantly jumping between being suitable as a young adult book with a teen target audience and being a more adult book with an adult target audience.

Now, from what I understand this is a first effort from a new author and given that I think it is not a bad effort at all. I would encourage the author to continue and I feel pretty sure that I would pick up a second Scrapyard Ship book if one were to come out.

As for the book, I like the story. Then I always like these first contact, surprise, surprise you are not alone type of stories. Naturally not all of the aliens are nice guys and I like that too. It usually means some action and alien butt kicking is about to take place and this book does not disappoint on that subject. The characters are likable, the story in general is nice reading and the action is, as I mentioned before, not disappointing.

The things that drags everything down is that some parts of the story is just too unbelievable almost juvenile. Like what the heck would they expect to happen when testing alien weaponry of unknown strength down on the surface of Earth? Oh, I’m sure no one will miss that mountain ridge??? Plopping down a 170 meter alien ship in the middle of the pentagon and then in no time at all having all the high brass there walking aboard said alien space ship. Eh I do not think so. It is also rather amazing that they make more advances in understanding previously mentioned alien ship in a few days than had been done in what, 15 years of trying, before. The discoveries just comes like manna from heaven just in time to save the day. And so on…

Having said that, I did quite enjoy reading the book and, as I wrote above, if a continuation comes I am likely to pick it up.

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